What Are Terpenes & How Do They Help In Weight Loss?


You have been struggling for years to lose weight and return to that once very fit looking and healthy person.

The promises from commercial agents about that miracle weight reducing drug has failed you as it has many others. You sit wondering what to do and just feel like giving up.

The exercise program is just too demanding and the other recipes have failed too. Well, I just want to let you that it’s not too late to try something new from the old days. A forgotten element that is finding its way back to the labs of the science world.

Terpenes, Do They Help In Weight Loss?

Terpenes, a chemical found in plants have been used for millennia in managing different ailments but also as a weight-regulating substance. This was later abandoned for more conventional methods of weight control.

Luteone terpene
Luteone terpene © commons.wikimedia.org

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons which are synthesized in many plants like cannabis. They are produced with the help of sunlight hitting the leaves. They are naturally occurring combination of carbon and hydrogen. You would find them in 4 broad categories depending on their taste. They can be sweet, sour, spicy or bitter.

It can even be further divided into subgroups depending on their various smells. There are hundreds of different terpenes which are found in a large and diverse class of organic compounds which come from different plants like the earlier mentioned cannabis and conifers. It can even be found in some insects.

Terpenes, a chemical found in plants

When we talk of terpenes or cannabinoid, we mostly are referring to those found in the cannabis plant as it has some very important terpenes like pinene, limonen, myrcene, Linalool, eucalyptol etc.

There are also terpenoids which are similar to terpene but with one minor difference as they have been denatured by oxidation. They have different names depending on the various structures that make up the particular terpene. Monoterpenel, sesquiterpenes and others are named after the isoprene units.

Terpenes & weight loss.

If you are looking for a chemical compound which is making waves today in the medical field and also being highly promoted by the cannabis industry, then I will tell you to look no more.

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Terpenes have become household names for those looking to use cannabis for recreation but also now seeking it for weight loss. They also help in cholesterol reduction, anxiety and depression, insomnia etc.

Terpenes have become household names for weight loss

There are studies which show that the word cannabis was searched 5 more times in the past two years than ever before. This interest is largely pushed by people getting to learn about the wonderful chemical, in a hundred different forms found in the cannabis plant.

It was earlier believed, after lots of studies, that cannabis caused only weight gain as it was used to stimulate appetite. That is the work of the terpene THC, which is found in some strains of cannabis more than others. But recently, it has been found that in people on a fatty diet, this terpene actually reduces weight.

In that said animal study, it was observed that THC was able to alter the gut microbiota of obese mice, transforming it to a microbata similar to that in lean mice. That was a good find and it began pointing scientist who study weight loss chemicals to pay even more attention to it.


The terpene known to reduce weight by suppressing appetite is the THCV. This is a cannabinoid. Strains that contain this are known to stop the feeling of hunger. Terpene Humulene has a similar effect.

THC structure
THC structure © commons.wikimedia.org

If you are looking to reduce your weight, look for strains that are high in THCV like Doug’s Varin which is specifically bred to increase its percentage of that compound. Also, Pineapple purp has a very high concentration of the said compound.

It has been observed that states with medical cannabis laws have seen a 2 to 6% reduction in obesity rate. This is so because those who desire to use this can easily acquire it without any problems.

How Terpenes consumed?

Using cannabis for weight control was seen as a thing for munchies, until recently where its natural ability to suppress hunger and control weight was discovered. There are different ways this can be consumed by those permitted by law.

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1. By vaporising it

• The herbs are put in a steaming pot and let to boil ensuring that the vapour coming from the steaming pot is inhaled deep into the lungs. This is a very healthy way to consume cannabis as it retains 90% of the active cannabinoids.

2. By smoke

• For those who smoke, they can roll a joint and just take in the smoke. It is a very unhealthy method which also destroys about 90% of the active compounds.

3. Juice the herbs

• When you need to take more of the cannabis, that is at a higher dose, you can juice the herbs to reduce its psychoactive effects.

4. By using it in favourite foods

• Of course, some put it in their favourite foods and just eat. It makes it easier for swallowing.

If you are looking to reduce your weight


If you want to try some other method, not out of desperation but because you desire to see your weight reduce, then try medical cannabis. Many states are beginning to make it legal. Like every other weight control program or product, you must be diligent and focused so your efforts will have the right effect. I wish you luck.


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