Losing Belly Fat Without Exercising – Here’s 8 Simple Tips How


As you eat more without the necessary control on what you eat and in what quantities, and you don’t get involved in any form of exercise to cut down on the excess fats the body tries to store, you begin noticing a change in the size of your belly.

It is much easier putting on weight than losing it because once the body stores fats, it will take a lot of work to cut it back to shape. It used to be generally believed that it takes a lot of workouts to burn down the belly fat.

Well, times have changed and so has knowledge. It is no longer necessary to have to worry about those strenuous exercises, you can follow other methods to achieve the same results.

Reasons of Belly fats in your body

Reasons of Belly fats in your body

Belly fats takes time to build up and in particular areas of the body. This is seen generally in different sections of the body but mostly around the abdomen where fats surround organs and puffs your abdomen to a ‘beer gut‘. This belly fat is a predictor of diseases like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and even some cancers.

Your abdomen may become bulgy and remain so for a number of reasons;

1. You are growing older.

The older you get, the more your metabolic rate decreases. Meaning your body will burn up far fewer fats for energy than it normally does. This will lead to one thing, an accumulation of fats storage in the body with one of its favourite sites being around visceral organs pushing them and causing the abdomen to increase in size.

2. You have reached menopause

If you are a woman and have reached menopause, it is then very likely you will start developing a bulgy abdomen. This can be due to the changes in hormone balance in your body.

Estrogen and progesterone start reducing in the body and testosterone equally starts dropping in its blood levels but its drop is slower than the first two. This hormone imbalance eventually leads to building up of fats in the body and especially around the abdomen.

3. Eating too many processed foods

You may be eating too many processed foods like chips, crackers, desserts etc which seriously hinders your ability to lose weight as they add lots of calories far above your recommended daily intake. These types of food sources increase inflammation in the body which of course affects the belly also.

Eating too many processed foods

4. Eating wrong kinds of fats

You are maybe eating too much of the wrong kinds of fats. Our bodies react differently to the different kinds of fats. Saturated fats which are gotten from foods like meat and dairy products which increase visceral fats.

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Monosaturated fats like those gotten from walnuts, sunflower seeds, salmon etc have anti-inflammatory properties and are actually good for consumption. Fats, in general, will increase calories intake, so you should eat even the good fats in moderation.

5. You may doing wrong exercise

Your workout regimen is not challenging enough if you are just doing the wrong type of exercise. In the Medicine and Science in sports and exercise journal, people on high-intensity exercise regimens lose more weight and fats deposits unlike people with decreased or low-intensity regimens.

You may be doing the wrong kinds of exercises, like doing lots of crunches may have little or no effects on your belly fats. Do more functional exercises like planks which burn fats in not just the abdomen but in many other locations.

6. You are in stress

Stressful situations can make you gain weight. The hormone, cortisol, which is rightly called the stress hormone as it is found in the body during stressful situations is bad for someone looking to cut down. Cortisol is known to increase visceral fats.

7. Your genetic problem

You may be apple shaped which is a genetic disposition which causes the body to direct fats deposits to the middle instead of to the thighs or hips. This is usually difficult to deal with.

How to lose belly fat

The above are some of the reasons you can have fats around your belly causing it to bulge. You need not worry about it if you are sufficiently motivated, you can indeed have your belly fats cut down even without exercising. Yes, even without exercises, you can cut down on belly fats. Let us look at what you can do.

How to lose belly fat without exercising

1. Have healthy calorie diet

You can begin by being cautious of the number of calories you take in. Accumulated calories are the direct cause of the increase in body fats. So you can actually cut down on fats without exercising but by just adjusting the amount of calorie intake.

2. Track your calories

Losing belly fat is all about being in a calorie deficit, which is precisely why you can get the job done without exercising and simply adjusting your daily food intake.

Too many calories only mean the excess is stored in the body as fats, reducing calories intake is also reducing fats deposits. You just need to track your calorie intake so you take only the requisite amounts per day.

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3. Have healthy & belly-fat-fighting foods

Get healthy foodstuff that does not increase your fats deposits, like nuts, avocados, olive oil, eggs, whole grain, blueberries, tofu etc. These and others can be seen as belly-fats-fighting foods.

4. Drink more water

Drink lots of water per day, at least 80 ounces. This will help you flush out toxins and leave you feeling full stopping you from over-snacking. This will also help stop calories from accumulating in the body.

5. Cut down on processed foods

Cut down on processed foods, no packaged food, sugary foods etc, go for whole meals, lots of fibre, adding as many vegetables to your diet will improve your weight by adding soluble fibre which make you feel full without adding any more calories.

6. No alcohol and sugary drinks

Stay away from alcohol and sugary drinks. These drinks have been known to increase visceral fats deposits. Cocktails, sodas, alcoholic beverages should be taken with lots of moderation.

Stay away from alcohol and sugary drinks

7. Do try intermittent fasting

Do intermittent fasting which is eating all your meals within an 8 hours period and fasting for the rest 16 hours. This increases your metabolic rate while your insulin levels are down.

8. Stay away from stress

Do all to keep away from stress. Get involved in activities that free up your mind and get focused on some activity. The stress hormone wrecks havoc in the body by increasing visceral fats deposits.


It is possible to indeed reduce that belly fats not necessarily by doing exercises but by being disciplined about what you eat and how much of it. It can be done, but only if you learn discipline and patience. Good luck.


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