Do Drinks To Lose Weight Really Work? Read What Dietitian Explains


What dieticians say about drinks to lose weight.

With the rise in standards of living, more people are having access to as much food as their appetite dictates. They satisfy their cravings not giving any thoughts to what damage such meals can do to their health. So we see more overweight people than before.

You reading this article may be struggling to get back in shape or at least you know someone who is. We all do.

When am I considered overweight?

When am I considered overweight?

You are considered overweight when your body mass index (BMI) is over 25kg per meter square. This index is measured by dividing your weight by the square of your height.

By World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, there are over 1 billion overweight adults globally, that is about 1/7th of the world’s population.

Our fast-paced work life means we have very little time to take care of our health. Fast foods, sedentary lifestyles also mean more people are suffering from overweight related diseases like; diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

The market for weight loss products.

The market for weight loss products.

With the negative view the world has of fat people, that is in terms of looking good, and also the health problems associated with gaining weight, almost everybody faced with this problem is seeking some sort of solution. And this is where the multi-billion dollar industry for weight loss programs comes in with all sorts of programs and recipes promising to cut down weight in as short a time as possible.

In the USA alone, a Colorado state university study shows that about 50million Americans go dieting a year but unfortunately only a few, 5 per cent, actually lose weight.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, about 30billion a year since 1992 is spent on all types of diet products and programs.

A Marketdata 2007 research estimated the size of the US weight loss market to be about $55 billion. It is estimated to be over $60 billion today.

The above statistics show that indeed there is a problem and lots of people are out there searching for any kind of solution that will help them return to a healthy BMI. Seeing the need out there, many unscrupulous people and companies have come out promising heaven and earth to their clients but eventually falling to live up to the hype. Such programs disappear as fast as they come up.

Time-tested methods of reducing weight.

Time-tested methods of reducing weight.

There are a few ways people can work on reducing their weight if it is not a genetic problem. Exercises and a healthy balanced diet. If you take in too much, more than your body requires, and you do nothing to burn the extra, be sure you will have an issue with your weight, it’s just a matter of time.

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No matter what you do, or what program you put yourself on, if you don’t watch what you eat and do appropriate exercises, you just might be wasting your time.

Drinks to lose weight.

Of the many programs out there and diets being proposed for cutting down on weight, meal replacement shakes are some of the most used. It is only normal that you have questions running through your head as to how efficient a drink can be in helping you cut down. What better place to seek answers than from dieticians.

Dieticians do agree that meal replacement drinks can indeed help reduce weight if there are taken as prescribed and for the length of time required.

Dr Harjeet Kaur a dietitian in Amandeep Hospital believes that “a diet designed for weight loss and better health can help you maintain a healthy body weight and helps you stay free of the deadly lifestyle disorders that are becoming common day by day”.

Drinks to lose weight.

What is a meal replacement shake/drink.?

Shakes can be seen as fortified drinks that fill your nutrient gap while you cut back on calories. The best meal replacement shakes contain protein, fibre and essential vitamins and minerals.

Most meal shakes contain 200 to 400 calories and a good amount of protein, fibre and minerals. They come in many different flavours so as to be appealing to all types of palates.

They can be bought anywhere with retailers or you can actually make your own shake. Commercial shakes are made for both vegans and vegetarians. If you make your weight loss drink at home, a cup of Greek yoghurt or soybean milk assures you of your protein and fibre needs.

Are they effective?

Cathy Nonas, a registered dietician and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association believes that when appropriately used, drinks to lose weight can be quite effective. She goes ahead to explain what can be gained by using shakes to lose weight and also some negative aspects associated with their use.

For the positive aspects she says;

Shakes are convenient as they solve the problem of the people not having the time to prepare a healthy meal. Shakes come complete with the necessary nutrients, meaning by taking them, you are having a balanced diet.
• Unlike restricted calorie diets that lack some nutrients, shakes have all the necessary nutrients.
Shakes come in a wide variety of flavours which makes them satisfying for many people using them who always go back for more, over and over again.

As for the negatives she says;

Commercially sold shakes have a lot of sugar, preservatives and artificial flavours. Reason homemade shakes are better as you are sure of what is going down your gut.
• Taking shakes means you are missing out on the health benefits of whole foods.
• Meal replacement does not mean you should neglect exercises and a healthy diet plan.

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With dieticians giving us the go-ahead to use meal replacement drinks to try to get back in shape, I believe its a go then. Exercising and healthy diets are not to be ignored though.

Homemade drinks to lose weight that have proven useful.

Weight loss drinks at home.

Apart from these shakes, other drinks have proven effective in cutting down weight and have been used for years and in different cultures.


Tea is one of such drinks. The Chinese used and still use green, black and oolong teas to help cut down weight. Today these teas are packaged and commercialised widely.

Herbal drinks

Herbal drinks are equally used widely especially by people getting into a detox program. These drinks come in many different flavours to make the drinking easier.


Water is one such drink that when taken in sufficient quantities, increases metabolism thus burning down excess sugar reserves in the body and keeping the weight of such a person in check.


It is commonplace today to have people who are overweight and struggling to cut down to avoid the many health issues related to overweight or they may be motivated by the need to keep fit.

Great progress has been made in finding solutions to this problem. Apart from the need for exercises and a healthy diet, other products like the meal replacement drinks have proven to be efficient. Why not try one of such recipes and see your weight go down, returning you to good health and a better body shape. Good luck.


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