8 Common Mistakes That Preventing You From Losing Weight


Everybody wants toned body. But what is takes to get a toned body is something really very challenging. Losing weight and having a perfect body shape is not easy for everybody.

While there are people who lose weight easily, there are also few who fail to do so even after doing everything right. If you’re also one of those who feel that they’re doing everything right but still not getting the results, this post is for you.

There are many factors that can stop you from losing weight and any of them might be the reason behind your case.

Out of innumerable reasons, here I list out 8 most common mistakes that you might be making that can prevent weight loss.

Factors That Keep You Away From Losing Weight

Factors That Keep You Away From Losing Weight

1. Choosing ready to eat “Diet” or low-fat foods:

This is the most common mistake that you might be making. Choosing “Diet” coke over that normal one might make you look classy, but it would be better if you drop that can as soon as possible. Their effect can be exactly opposite of what it actually should be.

Did you know that almost every ready to eat diet food or low-fat food is loaded with sugar just to improve the taste? Well yes, that’s true. Moreover, you might have noticed very frequent hunger cravings after having ready to eat low fat foods.

These foods tend to make you hungrier rather than keeping you full. I would suggest you have nutritious and minimally processed foods rather than having “diet” or low-fat foods.

2. Too many sudden changes:

Our body needs time to adapt things, be it a habit or a diet. Too many changes at a time might leave your body confused and you might get opposite results. People trying to lose weight often commit this mistake.

This is something even I did and so I don’t want you to do the same. Switching your diet from junk to healthy is appreciable but hitting the gym overnight can be the turning point.

Sudden diet changes

Sudden diet changes and physical activity changes may fatigue your body and you might gain weight instead of losing it. So, it’s better to adapt changes gradually and give your body some time.

3. Eating too often:

Doctors suggest having something every few hours so that your metabolism stays up to the mark and you don’t feel hungry. That’s true. But if you want to lose weight, this process can be a blunder that you make each day.

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When you eat frequently, your body receives a very high amount of calorie every day. This is definitely not that you want.  Even the recommendation of having breakfast every day to stay slim seems to be misguided.

So, I feel that eating only when you’re hungry is to method you need to follow. Don’t eat frequently, even if you aren’t hungry, just because someone asked you to! It’s better to have 1600 calories at once than having several meals of 400 calories.

4. No social life:

You might feel bad because you see everybody flaunting their toned figure on Instagram. Deciding to put your social life on hold until you get slim? Well if you listen to me, I would ask you to stop thinking so. Why to ditch your friends because you want to lose weight?

Researchers have proved that social isolation can cause depression and lead to weight gain. So, drop this idea. Instead make some really good friends and enjoy their company- physically or digitally.

really good friends

This may just motivate you to do what you’re doing. But yes, don’t forget your diet while you’re on outing with them.

5. Replacing food with liquids:

People who say that consuming liquid helps in weight loss are right. But if you follow this excessively, you can have opposite results. Drinking loads of water can help you lose weight but that can’t keep you full.

So, you must be thinking of having smoothies, sodas, alcohol and sweetened juices. Drop this plan as this can lead to weight gain. These drinks have a lot of calories, so you should try to avoid consuming them in large amounts.

However, if you feel the urge to have liquids, go for skimmed milk, water and vegetable juices. This will help you stay full as well as in losing weight.

6. Too much exercising:

Balanced consistency is very important to lose weight. If you eat less but work out more, you may be disappointed with the results at the end of the day. Your body asks for calories when you work out. So intense workout can actually feel delay in the desired results.

The metabolism rate goes down and the pace of losing weight also reduces. Your body needs time to be habituated to anything new. Start by mild exercises and gradually increase your level. Hit the gym when your body adapts the work out level.

7. Using weighing scale too often:

Using weighing scale too often

I know you’re worried of your weight and the results of your work out. But what help will checking the weight five times a day do? It can only disappoint you with its results. And as you know, a demotivated player is already a loser.

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Stop weighing too often and do it just once a day. And if you’re very much addicted to see that scale turn down in your favor, limit it to checking it just once a week. You’ll not feel the joy of losing some pounds if you check it too often.

8. Drop the magical fat burning pills and weight loss book:

There is no shortcut to weight loss. Accept the fact as soon as possible and start focusing on your routine. Stop believing on those fake fat burning pill advertisements. All they do is increasing your heart rate.

Go for a healthy lifestyle instead and feel happy. Also stop spending hours reading that weight loss book. It can motivate you for the time being but trust me, it’ll make no change in your weight loss effort. The supplements and the books are a fake satisfaction that you provide to your mind.


No need of feeling demotivated if you can’t lose weight even after trying a lot. Know the loopholes and try avoiding them. I’m sure this article will help you and you’ll be able to pave your way to that slim toned figure you’ve desiring for so long. Do keep in touch for more such blogs. Good luck.


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