7 Worst Fruits For Weight Loss: These Fruits Won’t Help You Lose Weight


Starting a diet program and getting ideas about what is good or bad for your meals and just how wonderful one fruit is over the other. Well, you should take some of the suggestions with a pinch of salt especially when it comes to fruits.

Fruits are indeed good for weight loss, but what fruits and in what quantity matters a lot. It is true that eating fruits can actually help you cut down.

The type of fruits and the timing of their being eaten will either make your weight issue worse or indeed help in cutting it down.

7 Worst Fruits For Weight Loss: These Fruits Won't Help You Lose Weight

Fruits help in cutting down weight.

It is true fruits contain naturally occurring sugars and carbohydrates but there are far less concentrated than added sugar. The secret in eating fruits to shed some pounds is to eat such fruits strategically, meaning knowing what fruit to eat, in what quantity and what time of the day.

There are lots of naturally occurring substances in fruits like vitamins, minerals, fibre, probiotics and antioxidants which are very important in protecting you from different kinds of illnesses and can also help in your weight reduction quest.

You should never concentrate on vegetables only leaving fruits aside as they offer you unique antioxidants that can only be found in fruits.

What researchers say.

Research has indeed proven that fruits help in weight reduction and not adding to weight as earlier thought. A research followed 130,000 adults over 24 years and found that those who consumed fruits indeed had better weight control than those who did not.

Also, one study found that adults who were overweight or obese lose weight faster when they eat fruits than when they don’t.

This link with weight reduction may be simply because fruits give a sense of satiety, reducing your cravings for other food.

Added calories is what causes weight gain, so avoiding that piece of cake and replacing it with an apple will safe you some added calories while satisfying your craving for something sweet.

Research has indeed proven that fruits help in weight reduction

Worrying about sugar in fruits?

You may think of the sugar in fruits as being as bad as added sugar, that is sugar used for sweetening, but it’s not so. The World Health Organisation does not classify as equal sugars from fresh whole fruits to added sugars.

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That is because sugar from fruits is much less concentrated as it comes with lots of water and nutrients.

That fruits have less concentrations of sugar doesn’t mean they can be consumed in large quantities and at any time. Fruits have carbohydrates and this nutrients role is to power our daily activities.

So when you eat your fruits, eat at such a time as is needed and at the periods of the day you will be getting into some activity. Because there is also the risk of accumulating unused carbohydrates in the body.

As for the type of fruits to eat, well, make sure you eat a wide spectrum of fruits to enjoy or take advantage of the various nutrients and antioxidants found in them. Fruits are very nutritious and not inherently fattening.

Fruits you should avoid if you intend to shed some pounds.

If a balance is not struck between the kind of fruits you need to cut down weight and the need to use fruits for that same purpose, you will risk having the exact opposite effect, that is weight gain.

That fruits can help in weight control does not mean you should indulge in all fruits available.

Fruits you should avoid if you intend to shed some pounds.

There are fruits that should be avoided or eaten with care.

Fruits are indeed natures favourite snack, full of fibre and micronutrients which are essential for a healthy body. But if you are looking to work on bringing your weight down, you should probably watch how you eat the following fruits.

1. Avoid Dried Fruit

You should avoid dried fruits. Sugar in fruits are considered not concentrated because they are mixed with lots of water. Dried fruit, on the other hand, has very little to no water and therefore has more sugar per serving than whole fresh fruits. It, therefore, has more calories than normal and can indeed add to your weight.

2. Avoid fruit smoothies

Avoid fruit smoothies because they may contain more sugar than is necessary. All fruit smoothies or pre-made smoothies bought at convenience shops usually have lots of sugar. You should aim at making your own smoothies at home and limit it to a cup, add some protein powder and vegetables to it to make it more nutritious.

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3. Avoid Bananas

Bananas should be avoided for weight loss. Nutritionists state that one normal size banana contains 17grams of sugar and 120 calories. It is quite much for someone looking to shed some pounds.

4. Avoid Pineapples

Pineapples also have 17grams of sugar per cup serving and should be avoided as much as possible.

5. Avoid Mangoes

If you must eat mangoes, you should pay attention to serving size as one cup serving has 22 grams of sugar and is not advisable when you are looking on reducing your weight.

6. Grapes & Watermelons

Both grapes and watermelons are delicious, tasty fruits and also have 17 grams of sugar per cup serving. If you must eat them, you should mind portion sizes.


Fruits are essential for a healthy body. For those looking to cut weight, fruits can be a good way to help do that but there are fruits you must avoid if you intend bringing down the weight in good time. I wish you the best.


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