13 Signs That You’re Wasting Your Life Away


Every day we are moving closer to our death. Sounds scary? It does but it is the truth that time waits for no one. The time gone now is the time gone forever. There are many times in life when you might realize that you are wasting it totally.

If you want to come out of that phase, you need to first understand if you are actually wasting your time. In this article, we would talk about some signs that prove you are wasting your life away.

Check and see if you fall under the category. If you do, you seriously need to do something about that.

13 Signs That You’re Wasting Your Precious Time

1. You concentrate on useless things.

Do you keep surfing the TV channels and anything and everything over internet? Are there times when you have thought that you are addicted to this and you can’t stop? Well, this proves that you are wasting your time.

Internet is helpful but can be really scary at times. It has become a habit for most of us to just fiddle with our phone even when we have other important things to do. Hence, it is the first sign that you are wasting your life.

2. You have stopped reading.

When we say that you have stopped reading, it doesn’t mean that you have stopped reading useless things. You read, but just film industry gossips and gossip columns. You should always read books of substance.

You should feed your brain things that matter. If you have forgotten the last time you read a good novel or a good journal column, you are really wasting your time.

3. You have started complaining about most of the things in your life.

We all pass through that phase when we don’t like anything at all. We hate our friends, family, neighbors. We hate our jobs, our salaries and our way of living. This fills in a lot of negativity in us.

This means that we let anything, and everything affect us. This takes a lot of our time as we keep thinking and over-thinking about others. In the meantime, we forget to do our own work. Hence, we keep wasting time on complaining.

4. You don’t care about your future.

If you are a young person, you should always have some goals in life. Goals dot mean you need to know exactly what to do, but you should definitely think about where you see yourself 10 years down the line.

If you are least bothered about that and busy making merry right now, you need to pull up your socks as you have already wasted a lot of time in your life by now.

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5. You think in a negative way.

Whatever you do, comes back to you. If you appreciate others and talk good about people in general, you will get back the same.

However, if you always think negatively and don’t like people around you, you will end up having negative conversations in your mind. This means you are anyway wasting your life.

6. You are demotivated in general.

Nothing inspires you. You are like that lazy lad who is lying in one corner of the room all the time. You don’t even feel like doing anything. You are not inspired by anyone or anything around you.

You are demotivated to such an extent that you have stopped respecting yourself. This means you are wasting your life and you should take steps towards making it better.

7. You hate meeting new people.

It is very important to meet new people and make connections and friends if you want to move forward in life. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone, it is obvious that you are never going to make it big.

Are you the person who runs away whenever he/she encounters an old friend? This indicates you are wasting your life. You should always make it a point to go ahead and communicate. This will help you get out of this phase.

8. You think you are a loser.

I have seen so many people say that they are never going to make it big in life and they are losers. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

If you start pulling yourself down, everyone is going to do the same. Think of yourself in a better way. Once you start respecting yourself, everyone else will.

9. You spend money on unnecessary things.

Do you have a credit card that you have been swiping every now and then? Do you shop because you just don’t have anything else to do? Well, this means you are wasting your money and your time.

It is good to indulge in a shopping spree every now and then. However, if you are spending more money than what you earn, you are going to end up with negative savings that is not a very good thing to do.

10. Your friend circle is horrible.

Friends are really important in all our lives as they are the biggest influence in our lives. Friends can mold us into better persons. They can also ruin us in many ways.

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If you are with a circle that indulges itself in all the wrong things, you will have the tendency of doing the same wrong things and wasting your life. This is why it is always better that you choose your friends carefully.

11. You have disturbed sleep.

When you have weird things going on in your mind or enough things around to distract you, you will never get a good sleep. This can end up affecting your health.

A proper sleep and sufficient rest are important for your body and mind to function well. When you have a disturbed sleep, you end up doing nothing the next day. Hence, your days get wasted.

12. You have acquired a number of bad habits.

You smoke and drink often. You have also started doing drugs. All these indicate that you are completely wasting your life.

Any kind of addiction can never be good for your body and mind. You end up getting into this vicious circle that will slowly and steadily take your life.

13. You have stopped caring about yourself.

Most of the signs indicate that you have stopped caring about yourself. You no longer hold the conscience of what is right or wrong.

You are habituated of wasting time and you are going on doing that. This can make the problem even worse.

Final Thoughts.

The clock is ticking every second. You can’t really stop it. What you can do is make use of that time in a fruitful way that keeps you and your surroundings happy.

Stop wasting your life and become a responsible and happy person from today. Good luck.


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