10 Steps to Living a More Meaningful Life


“I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life”, said Corazon Aquino.

Taking birth as a human is either a curse or a blessing to us. It depends on how we are living our life. As a human being we must live a life which is meaningful and has a reason to live. It will be worthless to live a meaningless life.

We should increase the depth of life so that it ends in a meaningful note. By enhancing the quality of our life, we can make it worth living. So, here are the 10 steps that we must follow to increase the depth and meaning of our life:

1. Give time to yourself.

Giving time to ourselves is very important if we want to find out the meaning of our life. Try to ask some questions to yourself like, “What is your passion”, “How do you get your satisfaction”, “what are the things by which you are emotionally attached” and “What is your field of interest”.

If you can find out the answers of these questions, it will be easier for you to fathom the meaning of your life. Take a note of all these questions and give yourself time to get the desired answers.

2. Try to be happy in your life.

Being happy is the ultimate reason to live a meaningful life. And happiness comes from satisfaction. If you are not satisfied by your life, it will be impossible for you to live a happy and prosperous life. Try to be satisfied by what you have in your life.

Express your satisfaction to others because it is very rewarding. If you are satisfied with the things around you, you will enjoy your life more merrily and you will find out the meaning of your life worth living.

3. Try to achieve respect in your life.

To get respect in your life, you must be honest. Try to give value to your words to build the trust and respect. If you say someone that you are going to do something for him/her, you must do it in order to get the acceptance.

Being accepted is a part of getting respect. It will provide you self-satisfaction which will make your life big and meaningful.

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4. Do what you love.

First, make sure about what you love and then follow it. Give time to pursue the activities that you are interested in. Give less time to the things that you don’t love. If you love something then for sure you are emotionally attached to it.

It will be emotionally draining if you do the things that you don’t love which will make you unhappy about your life. If you cannot do the things that you love, you will fail to get the meaning of your life. So, don’t hesitate to take the decision and do whatever you love.

5. Love, the most powerful thing in this world.

Act with love. Be good to everyone for no reason. Be compassionate. Show people that you care for them. Don’t be afraid of expressing love to someone. You must remember that love is the reason for which you are living.

Giving love is the greatest contribution that you can provide to this society. The more you will give love, more you will receive. Be sure that you are a big part of this system and you are here for some big and good reason. So, share love as much as you can.

6. Appreciate others.

Spend time with your friends and family. Appreciate them for being there for you whenever you needed them. They will appreciate you back which is a very good feeling and will make you happy.

It will give you a higher level of satisfaction which is very important to find the meaning of your life.

7. Set goals for your life.

Setting goals for your life will give you a path to visualize the things that you want from your life. Try to set achievable goals so that you can enjoy the journey of your life which will give you motivation and direction about your life.

By achieving your goal, you will feel happy that you have contributed something to your life which can make the difference.

8. Act positive in your life.

By thinking positive, you cannot make yourself happy and satisfied. You have to act positive as well. Your works will be observed by each and every one. You should take positive actions to make your life and the life of people around you better.

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Try to care for yourself and love yourself. By doing this you will be able to make your life happier and meaningful. Doing positive things will give a good energy shift which is important for a meaningful life.

9. Be brave in your life.

Being brave in your life will help you to take the right decisions in your life. Be strong enough to have the ability to handle your life. Don’t fear the obstacles in your life. It will define you and your strength to cope up with life.

10. Live healthy.

Try to live healthy. Take care of yourself and stay strong. It will help you to be happy in your life. Try to be relaxed and handle all the situations calmly.

Final Thoughts.

Trying to find out the meaning of your life is a journey worth living for. It will give a good perspective about your life. So, try to stay positive in your life and follow the above tips to find out the meaning of your life. Good luck.


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