10 Steps to Create a Life That Not Only Looks Good but Feels Good


10 life skills that can help you achieve better balance in your life

In this day and age, it is so hard to find a balance between looking and feeling good and getting work done. We often end up sacrificing ourselves and our health in the process of trying to improve in our work spheres.

However, at the end of the day, we become stressed, anxious, bitter and annoyed by the very fact. While it may seem very overwhelming at times, it is actually quite simple to create a life that is much more well-balanced.

Here is a ten-step action plan that you can use to make your life more well-balanced and enriching.

1. Establish a work-life balance.

It is often a real problem of our daily lives that we are unable of establishing any type of work-life balance that helps us have time for ourselves. It is very crucial that you understand how to balance your work and have a social life.

You are more than your work and you need to establish a time frame under which to work and a time that you dedicate to yourself, family and friends. Demarcating these can help you lead a more balanced and happy life.

2. Follow a healthy lifestyle.

In the rush to get things done and make the most of each day, we often forget to tend to our basic needs. It is extremely important that you do not skip any meals and are able to get a nourishing and healthy meal every day.

Candies and instant noodles do not comprise a full meal. It is very important that you are mindful of what you are putting into your body as well as adhering to a healthy diet. Conversely, it is also important to realize that a healthy diet isn’t about starving yourself.

In fact, any diet that leaves you feeling hungry and low in energy constantly is probably not that healthy for you anyway. Similarly, it is important that you get some form of exercise every single day. Exercise releases endorphins and serotonin, which helps you feel happier.

3. Letting go of the past.

Our body is a miracle and is wonderfully balanced. Every intake of food, water and air is balanced by outputs. However, one of the things that we forget to cleanse is our emotions. When we get stuck in the past, we often forget that we are holding onto emotions that doesn’t really serve us any purpose at all.

It is very important that you let go of your past if you want to enjoy the present and move towards a brighter future. Using tools like affirmations and therapy can help you navigate your emotional baggage from your past and help you unload the burden.

4. Practice gratitude.

In our daily lives we often settle into a pattern of taking things that we do have for granted and complaining about the things we don’t. However, this behavioral pattern is extremely harmful and often leads to a sense of lack in us that prevents us from ever being truly happy.

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It is very important to realize that there are people who are in much worse situations than us and do acts of selfless kindness. While we often believe that material objects will give us a sense of happiness and accomplishments, there is nothing that can make you happier than knowing that you have positively affected someone else’s life.

It is important to be grateful for what we have and to give back to people who aren’t as blessed for a life that is full of purpose.

5. Do meditation and therapy.

Meditation helps to clear out the clutter inside your brain and can help you actually have a more productive thinking process. It can help to calm down your brain and provide space for mental growth and evolution.

Mindful meditation is a great tool that can help eliminate stress from your life and help you sleep better every single day. If simple meditation doesn’t cut it for you, consider talking to a therapist. With therapy, it is possible to make behavioral changes that can re-wire the brain into having a more positive outlook to situations that occur in your life.

6. Take care of your body.

It is extremely important to take care of your body. Our body is the vehicle through which we are able to create beautiful things, feel the environment, help others and enable us to do everything we are meant to.

By taking care of your body and introducing a healthy lifestyle, we can enable ourselves to have a better quality of life free from diseases. It is important to have a healthy diet, exercise and get enough quality sleep to help you feel better about yourself and have a healthier sense of self.

7. Forgive yourself.

A huge part of being able to accept yourself is to forgive yourself. We often get really angry at ourselves for the things we do wrong in our lives. We often try so hard to be perfect without realizing that perfection is just a mirage and we then end up beating ourselves up when we fall short of our expectations.

It is very important to love yourself and accept yourself for all your imperfections. A good exercise that can help is repeating an affirmation “I love myself and I forgive myself” every morning in the mirror.

8. Eliminate toxic people from your life.

One of the biggest ways that you can feel happier in your life is to actively get rid of people who make you unhappy. While in your workplace or family it can be harder to “eliminate” people and sometimes you may have to put up with them, avoid forming any connections to them and don’t let their toxicity affect your mental peace.

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Keep a healthy distance between the negative and toxic people and yourself and you will have a much less stressful and a way to have a more peaceful and well-balanced life.

9. Divide and conquer hard tasks.

If you are dreading completing that one task that is looming over your head, dividing it up and conquering it can help. These tasks often seem impossible to accomplish and can make us feel way too overwhelmed and can prevent us from having a clear head and a calm mind.

If you have a task that is making you stressed, spend just 10 minutes a day or just have a willingness to start the task. It can help you get rid of the overwhelming feeling and can help you feel much more relaxed.

10. Laugh as much as you can.

One of the biggest problems we face in our lives is the fact that as adults, we have forgotten what it feels like to laugh. Laughing enables a release of endorphins in the mind due to the spontaneous convulsions it generates inside your body.

It is very important to find something that makes you laugh and incorporate it within your daily life. Most of us fall back into patterns of sneering or typing “LOL” on messages. It is actually important to laugh out loud from within you.

A good way to find what triggers you to laugh is to sample some comedy albums. Laughing also helps release fear, negative emotions associated with fear of social ostracization and helps purge these fears.

Final Thought.

With these ten life skills, you can create a life that is healthier for yourself and that makes you feel and look great from the inside out.

By maintaining these habits, you will be able to glow from the outside and maintain an aura of happiness and content and grow from within by having a well-balanced and healthy body and mind.


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