8 Signs You Are A Deep Thinker Who Loves To Be Alone


For leading life everything is fast paced now. Everyone is running fulfill their goal and achieve what they want. In all this stuff there are people who hate the rat race.

They are different, they lead their life in their own way. Many people may think them to be aloof, but actually they are not. They are one who lead their life in a different way and expect others to be that.

They are deep thinkers who thrives on introversion and introspection. They can give their best when they are alone. They see things differently and contributes in a separate way.

May be you too are like them, just that you never understood it!

Here are 8 signs that you let you understand the deep thinker inside you

the deep thinker inside you

1. You feel tired easily when in crowd

Deep thinker are mostly introvert who love to be within themselves. They love the company of their own. Spending time thinking about things in their mind is their best pastime.

When they are surrounded by many people they get tired easily. This is mainly they hate to put on the mask on their face for long. They wait when everything will be over and they can live all by themselves.

If you too are among such people who sit and wonder during a party that when things will be over, you may be a deep thinker too.

2. You take care of small details

Deep thinkers concentrate on everything and hence they can see small things easily that most people overlook. They appreciate small things in life and find out a reason to smile in everything that comes their way.

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Even if you too are like that then you are a deep thinker. You will love listening to what others are saying and bring out a meaning in everything that is uttered.

3. Your sense of humor is great

As you spend most of time with yourself, you know how to keep yourself amused always. You take things differently from others and thus you have a different sense of humor.

You can make out something interesting even from a simple thing and that is because of your great sense of humor.

4. Often you are forgetful

You have thousands of thoughts running in your mind always. You have everything in your mind and that May sometime lead to forget what is to be done!

As you are obsessed with your thoughts and great thoughts keeps your mind busy, you may forget where you kept the car keys many times.

5. You approach life with curiosity

Your attitude towards life is different from others. While other see life as do it now, you do not follow that principle. You believe in thinking over things before you do.

You are curious towards what is happening there and you try to look at the opportunities and exploring the possibilities before you finally take action.

6. You love problem solving

When given a problem to solve, deep thinkers get just what they love. You love thinking about things and solving a problem is indeed something that is great. You can let your brain work at its best and come to a conclusion that is your very own.

Before approaching to any conclusion you see the problem in various ways and decide upon accepted solutions. However, you cannot easily accept any solution that is put forth by others for the problem.

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7. When around people you feel little awkward

Deep thinkers loves to stay with themselves. They do not want gathering. They may spend some time in company of others but if there are people who are totally unknown they may feel awkward.

During any meeting or gatherings they find it tough to spend time. They love to stay along in their own thoughts.

8. You avoid visiting parties

Parties or social gatherings are something for you where you have to go but do not fit in. listening to all nonsense talks in the parties is not your cup of tea. You would rather love the company of a good book or something creative.


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