7 Ways to Know if You’re Talking to A Psychopath or A Narcissist


If you notice that your coworker is not behaving usually then you may think that this may be a hard day for him.

However, if you keep on noticing different behavior for a long period you can be sure that they may be psychopath.

The problem is that you cannot go straight to a psychopath and tell them that they are narcissist. That will not let you continue the official relationship. You have to be very careful.

You should look out for these seven signs in that person to be sure that they may be narcissist.

Psychopath talk in the past

1. Psychopath talk in the past

Different research and studies reveals that psychopaths will always speak in past language. That is they will speak of the present situation as if it has already happened. Anything that is actually happening now will be considered to be done earlier. Like they have already done things, they are never doing anything! They ‘were’ there, they ‘are’ not there.

Researchers says that this happens because they feel detached with the present world. They cannot think like normal people like you and I do. They are psychologically and emotionally detached with the present and they are struggling too! They have a barrier between themselves and the present.

2. Narcissists have a tendency to exaggerate a body language or facial expression

Do you know anyone who moves like acting in a stage, laughs loud and gives over dramatic smiles or frowns?

Chances are that such a person may be a stage actor or a narcissist or both!

A study published in Communication Monograph journal about ‘conversational narcissism‘ pointed this behavior as narcissist first. Exaggerated facial expressions, wide swinging hand gestures, loud voices that are not normal shows characteristics of narcissism.

3. While using emotional words psychopaths rarely displays emotions

The studies also revealed that a psychopath will tell any emotional words without having a bit of emotion in it. They will tell you “I love you” the emotion will be nowhere there. It is just like ordering food from any menu card for them.

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Psychologist suggest that this happens to them because their emotional dimension is missing. They do not feel the words that they say and thus cannot express their actual feelings. They will use any emotional word but never ever expect that the tone will be emotional as we will say.

4. Psychopath are not interested in what others are saying

One sign that is common to most psychopaths or narcissistic that they hate listening to others. When they are in conversation with any other person they do not love listening to what the other person is saying. They behave as if they are trapped in the conversation. They will constantly look over the shoulder of the person talking to get rid of whatever is spoken of.

If they are forced to listen what other people say they become annoyed, fidgety and impatient. They simply hate to be in such situation and try to get rid of it as soon as possible. You cannot make them sit and talk with anyone easily for long.

5. Narcissist speaks in a slow and soft voice

If you have a person who is narcissist you will notice that he speaks in a low voice and deliver words slowly. They will never speak fast like normal people.

A normal people while talking with a psychopath will feel that they will sleep soon as they speak very slowly and in a soft voice. They will stay away from abstract thoughts and emotions and stick to tangible words only.

6. Narcissist cuss more

Like normal people the narcissists do not have any self-monitor that will stop them from cursing others. They are insensitive towards the words they speak and thus often curse others without thinking about the outcome.

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Moreover, whenever they curse they get attention and they love this attention. They do not get offended easily and thus they are insensitive to the cuss words that they utter.

7. They are repeat liars

Both psychopaths and narcissist have the tendency to make up stories and they will repeating the story again and again. They love lying and they do not even feel bad for that. They love tricking people with the stories that are made by them.

The reason for this is that narcissist do not consider people as people, they are like a tool to them. They want to manipulate the people they are dealing as they consider them a puppets. It is nothing emotional for them to lie one after another.

If you notice any of the above signs in someone near you be careful that they may be psychopaths or narcissist. You have to be careful yourself as they will not understand how they are behaving. Good luck.


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