If Your Husband Does These 13 Things, You Hit the Marriage Jackpot


Sometimes it is hard to understand that whether we have taken the right decision by making him the better half. There are instances when we get confused about our partner. Many women find it hard to judge the fathom of their husband.

Well, every man and woman have some bad qualities because no one is perfect in this entire world. It is our duty to find out the good things in our partner which is enough to bury the bad qualities.

Here is the list of 13 things that you should look in your husband to make sure that he is the best choice for you:

1. He is encouraging and inspiring.

It is hard for us to take care of each other every day because of the hard schedule that we are following. Although, a good husband will always encourage you and inspire you to achieve your dreams.

He will make sure that, he is always there for you no matter what happens. Whenever you need him you will find him right behind you.

2. He knows how to comfort you.

If your husband is the first person, to whom you always go to find comfort and calmness when you are feeling down, he is the man for you.

He knows what you want and what can make you happy. You will always find him right beside you when something bad happens.

3. Flirting with you is his forte.

No one ever said that you cannot love the same person again and again. If he still flirts with you, it is a sign that he wants to keep this relationship healthy.

He will make you fall in love with him each and every day. Flirting with you proves that he wants to keep the charm of your relationship alive.

4. He works hard to make you happy.

If he is passionate about your marriage like he is passionate about his career and hobby, you have married the right person.

If you see that he is helping you with everything, make sure that he loves you more than anything else. His efforts will be visible to you.

5. He loves to spend time with you.

If you see that he is always happy to spend time with you, do not let that man go from your life. Even after a fight, you will find him hanging around you because your presence gives him comfort.

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He will always find out time from his busy schedule to spend with you. You will find him doing certain activities with you which he doesn’t like, just to make you smile and happy.

6. He showers love and respect to his mother.

If a man loves and respects his mother, be sure that he will love and respect you as well. His first love is his mother and his relationship with his mother will decide that how he treats other women, including you.

So, be sure to get showered in love if he loves his mother from the core of his heart.

7. He compliments you for each and everything.

Due to our hard life, sometimes we forget to cherish small moments of our life. If you find complimenting you very often, make sure that he wants to let you know that you are very important to him.

He also wants you to know that he is proud of you and he always wants to see you happy in your life. Complementing you also shows that he wants you to achieve your goals that you desire.

8. Saying “I love you” is his thing.

If he says I love you very frequently, be sure that he will never leave you. Words can really act as magic. Saying these magical words will make your entire day good and your life worth living.

By saying these words, he wants to let you know that he will never leave you and will always be with you at each and every ups and downs in your life.

9. He never fails to surprise you.

He will never fail to surprise you, just to see a vibrant smile in your face. It can be flowers, short trips, chocolates, gifts, foods, movies and many other things. He knows how to make you surprised. Your likings and disliking are clear to him.

He knows how to make you happy. So, if he surprises you very frequently you should keep this man to your life and lever let him go.

10. He accept his mistakes.

As I said earlier, no one is perfect in this entire world. It might be possible that sometimes he will make mistakes and pisses you off. What you have to look is that whether he is brave enough to accept his mistake.

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This will signify that he is not an egoistic person. So, ignore his mistakes sometime make him feel that doing mistakes is not a big deal.

11. He gives your personal space.

Giving personal space is very important for a healthy relationship. Sometimes you may feel like sitting alone and don’t want to talk with anyone.

He will respect that will give you a personal space or alone time so that you can come out from that situation and be yourself again.

12. He is a good listener.

Sometimes, you will feel like saying many things which have been buried in you for a long time.

If your husband listens to you patiently and without judging you, you have found out the right person for you.

13. He loves you unconditionally.

Well, this is very important thing that you must look in your man. There are many men out there who will love you conditionally like for your money, looks or anything else. Find out if he loves you unconditionally.

It is a very important thing to keep a relationship healthy and alive. If he loves you unconditionally make sure that you never let him go from you life.

Final Thoughts.

A healthy marriage life is very important for being happy in life. And if your husband is supportive and understands you it is very easy to keep the marriage alive.

So, if you can find those above written qualities in your husband, you got a marriage jackpot. Good luck.


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