9 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You


Respect is earned. Well, that is true but how do you earn it? You earn it when you are willing to give it to the others too.

We all know that the foundation of any relationship is built on trust, but what we ignore is Respect because we don’t think it to be important enough. But with love comes Respect and it is important for you to respect the one you love.

There are Relationships where one partner doesn’t provide the other partner a platform where he or she is free to share his or her views because to the former it has never been important. This is exactly where your partner is failing to respect your ideology or views.

9 Signs to proof how your partner doesn’t respect you enough

1. The Repeated attempt to point out the loopholes:

This world revolves around the concept of Imperfection because that is what makes us special.

If your partner has been leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the mistakes you make, no matter how silly they are you should know they don’t respect you. And, you must let them know that they are no perfectionist either.

2. When there is no guilt:

Apart from love and respect the third key term for a healthy relationship has always been trust. If you know that you were partner has been lying to you about any issue and still manages to cover it up every time you try to talk about it or confront them, then you know where you stand.

A person who doesn’t have any guilt for whatever wrong they are doing to their partner has no respect too. No matter whether it is big or small or anywhere near to cheating.

3. Any form of pressure in Sex Life:

Sex is an intimate concept of defining love between two people, but it should never be treated as something necessary all the time. Few couples go through this phase where sex is treated compulsory by one of the partners, and the moment it becomes this important for someone it takes no time to acquire a shape of sexual abuse.

Your partner should never force you to have sex be it in the form of threat or physical abuse. If he or she has been doing so, then it is stern clear that they don’t respect you at the least.

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4. Never hear them say, “I’m proud of you.”:

When you had your parents support you for whatever you have achieved or have done in your life, you expect your partner to be the same.

But if you feel that they don’t feel proud in introducing you to their friends or family, or maybe they don’t people about your post or job because they feel low then you must understand that they are clearly not proud of your work profile or who you stand to be.

The feeling of proudness in between the two of you shows mutual respect, which of course is necessary.

5. When your partner is not keen on meeting your friends or family:

When you build a relationship with someone, you also have to build another fruitful relationship with their family as well as friends. When you get married you don’t just marry the person, you marry their entire world.

So, if your partner is too reluctant to be courteous to your friends when they visit you or too unhappy to see your family members then you must acknowledge the fact that there is no respect from his or her side. Even when you guys had a fight, you shouldn’t be disrespectful to each other’s family.

6. The habit of not listening and doing whatever they feel right:

Talking is important even when you had a busy day at work; it makes sure you don’t miss knowing what is happening in your partner’s life happening outside the house.

But if your partner hasn’t been putting much effort in listening to your stories or events then you know he or she is totally not interested.

Also, when the time of decision making comes and you see that they are not keen on taking your opinion and do what they feel like doing without even letting you know; well then, they don’t respect you enough to come seek your opinion or permission.

7. They don’t value your time and often treat you as an option:

When you are in a relationship you plan your date nights, outings and meetings as per your convenience. But what if you see that your partner is totally not bothered to ask you before he or she makes a plan, you are actually losing respect.

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If they have been prioritizing their time and just theirs then it is very clear that for them you have been an always available option, which is a major sign of disrespect.

8. Not respecting each other’s boundaries:

Every person has a limit to everything and being in a relationship your partner should know the limits. They shouldn’t be too light on behavior when it comes to crossing the boundaries.

For example, if you hate the fact that your husband flirts with every friend of yours and he knows it, then he shouldn’t do it ever again.

One shouldn’t do things purposefully when they know that it makes their partner uncomfortable or sad. It shows how much you respect the very limit your partner has, and you value their feelings.

9. When they are not ready to compromise:

When you are in love with someone you also fall for their imperfections and sooner or later you have to compromise a few things for the sake of the beautiful relationship. It is never one way, it flows both ways.

So, your partner shouldn’t be a control freak when it comes to handling relationships. Both of you together can build a healthy relationship only when you are open towards each other.

Losing Respect is not always about abusing, even the little acts of not valuing the person you love as much as you should create a sense of disrespect between two people.


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