7 Qualities of A Woman That You Never Want to Let Her Go


They say, “Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like the game of chess, the queen protects her king.”

How true is that? Finding the correct partner whom you can share your life with, is so important in everyone’s life. We all want and crave for love, don’t we?

It so happens that sometimes we find an ideal person to be with, but we eventually lose him/her due to our own faults. Infidelity is just one reason for breakups, but loyalty and trust are indeed the foundations of any relationship, don’t you think?

By finding a loyal woman and keeping her forever, you can give the world’s major ‘couple goals’!

How do you know if you’ve found the most ‘imperfectly perfect’ woman for yourself though? What are their qualities? How’d you know if she is, or isn’t the one for you?

Well… Let me tell you about the 7 signs that will assure you of the fact that she’s right for you! Let’s start.

7 Qualities in a woman that make you never let go of her

1. She’s all about smiles

It is said that “a curve that can set everything straight is a smile”. Smiles bring positivity, and if your woman makes you smile more often than necessary, oh, she’s a keeper. I mean, who wouldn’t like a woman who is full of humor, optimism, and is non-cribbing?

If your girl can make you smile just by the way she looks into your eyes, or the way she says ‘everything is going to be okay’, or just makes you feel better over calls or texts, and also shares the same sense of humor as you, well, you can’t afford to let go of this one ever!

2. She makes you want to be with her all the time

Because she’s all about good and positive vibes, you cannot think of leaving her and you always want to spend quality time with her. You always look forward to dates, movies, shopping, and the like, just so you can be with her.

Meeting her may sometimes feel like a duty, but that’s okay bro! we have all been there, done that. (winks)

3. She’s a dessert full of sweetness

Her acts and expressions are so much loaded with sweetness that sometimes you’d want to eat her up! Her kindness, her politeness, her hugs, the innumerable times when she just pulls your cheeks when you do something naughty or childish, all of that is something that you adore, and never want to lose!

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Her sweetness however doesn’t mean she’s not tough. She’s a super woman and can deal with life’s troubles alone, but she gives you the importance you deserve and is ready to be childlike in front of you. She wants all your pampering and attention. Well boy, she deserves it!

4. She compliments you very often

Women are generally used to receiving more compliments than necessary, but when it comes to men, the scenario is generally exactly the opposite! However, if your girl says nice things about you or compliments you every now and then, then boy, she’s a keeper!

I mean, how many girls do that? How many girls genuinely thank you every time you surprise her or do something small for her? How many appreciate your punctuality, or say that you look handsome every day? If you thought of your girl while reading the questions, trust me, she’s the one for you.

5. She’s not high maintenance

All men dread those women who only eye for their credit cards. What if your woman is the one who earns her own money and doesn’t need you to pay her bills? Sure, that’s never a reason enough to keep her, but yes, if she’s not high maintenance always asking for things that she probably doesn’t even need later, then yes, she’s a keeper.

If she’s someone who makes you feel bad for not being able to meet every demand of hers even when you can’t afford it, then just run away from such a lady. Your woman should have other reasons to love you and be with you, and money should not be one of them. It’s always easier to respect and love someone when they are low maintenance.

6. She always goes out of her way for you

It doesn’t matter what time it is or where you are or what she’s doing or if she’s busy; if you’re in trouble, she’d do anything in this world to help you and be there for you. Be it food poisoning, or your car broke down somewhere, or you need help with cleaning, she’s got your back for everything!

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She makes you believe you’re not alone and that she’s there for you in whatever you do. Sometimes she may not be able to really help, but just by listening to you patiently, half of your problems seem easier. Yes, then you’ve found your one.

7. She’s immensely trustworthy

We all know girls who love gossiping, and if you’re always afraid that your girl would go and discuss it with her girlfriends or tell other people, you may not be able to trust her. This is why I believe, that nothing can be better if your partner becomes your best friend, or your best friend becomes your partner.

If your girl is trustworthy and all your secrets are password protected in her heart, you’ve found a keeper and a best friend in her! If she is trustworthy, just never let go of her.

These are some of the signs that will show you that your woman is just perfect for you, even though she may be imperfect in so many other things. Love her and keep her close. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Good luck.


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