5 Things To Remember When Dealing With A Depressed Partner


When you are in a relationship there is this tacit unsaid give and take agreement. Both side expects joyous moments, care, support and strength from each other and they are completely essential for a healthy relationship. Things change when your partner is depressed.

A depressed partner is a truest test of commitment of the relationship. It needs a special level of understanding and compassion to deal with them. It also needs strength and resilience to not to give up on them and move ahead.

Depressed Partner: 5 things to remember

Depressed Partner: 5 things to remember

Depression is an illness that in simple words takes the life away from you. Personalities change during this phase and leaves you wondering whether this is person you fell in love with.

Today we are listing 5 things that you should remember when have a depressed partner.

1. It’s a long process

Things are not going to change overnight. This is one rule that you need to learn and accept wholeheartedly. Your one pep up talk will not do it nor does pampering and celebrating.

You need to create a normal and a positive life around the person. It’s a constant push and a continuous reminder for them to keep pushing, take one step ahead every time.

This is not an easy task. You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically to endure through this. Otherwise you will overwhelm yourself hurting yourself in the process.

2. Patience

Take a deep breath every time it gets beyond control. Dealing with depressed people needs an enormous amount of patience. It gets really difficult when the depressed person is your partner. There is a constant denial of emotional support from your partner and that takes a toll on your psyche and health.

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Dealing with depressed people needs an enormous amount of patience.
Dealing with depressed people needs an enormous amount of patience.

It can be achieved, not that easily but it is attainable. Keep reminding yourself that this is a phase and you are doing every possible thing to get through it.

Stay positive and have faith in yourself. You need to believe in yourself for them to believe in you. Fill your life with positive thoughts as they will make way for your actions.

3. Tough to deal

You know a depressed partner is most likely to push you away. They would completely shut you out making it impossible for you to communicate and help them. You need to work through that negativity.

They can be rude and hurtful and will baffle you with their behavior. It is ok. You need to take a decision and work through those walls to reach to them. There is another group of people who would get completely dependent on you. So much so that it might leave you drained and feeling a bit used.

Be the normalizing factor for them. As we have mentioned earlier, you need to support them to get a normal life. Your acts are in response to their state and it is essential to understand the consequence of them. It’s a challenging part of your life too and needs mental resilience.

4. Frustrating times

Take care of yourself. It is going to be frustrating like hell. You need to take care of yourself and ensure that you get enough breaks from the environment frequently.

Dealing with depressed partner can be emotionally draining
Dealing with depressed partner can be emotionally draining

Dealing with depressed partner can be emotionally draining and in all possibilities will drag you towards negative thoughts.

Actively follow a hobby and share experiences in order to cope with the circumstances.

5. Focus on good times

Think about the journey and the destination you are trying to reach. It’s a tough mountain to climb and you really need to focus on good things that can happen in your future. Keep a vision board to keep yourself motivated. Make plans like you used to.

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Talk about the good future with your partner. It will give them a ray of hope and may act as a great motivation. Your belief in that future will make them believe in it too.

End Note

You have taken up a brave journey and we respect your commitment towards your partner. We are there with you sending all the love and positive vibes. May you achieve what you have started for and reach that happy space with your partner. Good luck.


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