21 Ways to Show Your Wife She’s Everything


There are times when couples fail to express each other regarding the amount of love they have and often it happens in marriages.

One should value each other and whatever they do for each other even if one is doing more and the other one less. We have this upbringing in men that they don’t really get involved in household activities and if they do they have this habit of announcing it every single time.

This is the reason why we came up with this idea of explaining men 21 ways of how they can be all lovey-dovey to their wives without the need to explain it.

Ways to show your wife of how much she means to you: –

1. Kiss her on the forehead:

We know how important a kiss is and why not, it portrays passion, love and desires. But have you tried kissing your wife’s forehead before you leave for work or when you wish her good morning? You should try it because it defines how much you value her presence in your life.

2. Be attentive and listen to whatever she has to say:

If you think that your wife talks too much then it is because you are not attentive. If you listen to her carefully you will see how considerate she has been about you and your family post marriage. Once you are attentive to your wife, you realize how much she does for the relationship to work.

3. Hold her hand in the public:

Well, most of the couples do this “holding hands” thing when they are together but not many married couples do this all the time. But being a husband, you should hold your wife’s hand in the public regardless of the fact that you get to do in private all the time.

4. Open the doors for her:

The process of how a man should open a door for a lady is because men are supposed to be gentleman and when it comes to their wife it should be compulsory. You should always be the one to open doors for her be it a door of the car, a room or store or restaurant.

5. Help her in the household chores:

If she can work at home after she is back from work then you can too. Help her do the cleaning or cooking thing and trust us your wife is going to love it.

6. Rub her back until she falls asleep:

We all know women have those days when mood swings and cramps don’t leave the body and those are the days she expects love. So, make sure you rub or scratch her back until she falls asleep.

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7. Take Babies for a walk or play session:

If it is your wife who takes the babies out for a walk or for a play day at the park every day then it is high time you should try switching the role at least once in a week. Tell her she can have her own time while you will be keeping the babies engaged.

8. Never forget to compliment her:

Compliments are not always about dresses or look or beauty, sometimes it is about the hard work that is often not visible. Keep complimenting your wife for the efforts she put in even if they are small or little.

9. Let her know that you are always going to love her:

There are times women need some assurance from your side that you still find them beautiful or if you still love them. Make sure you give them the assurance that no matter what happens your wife is going to be your forever.

10. Bake her favorite recipe:

Surprise her with your culinary skills and get into the kitchen to do something productive. Bake her favorite cake or some lasagna or cheese macaroni and you will be happy to see the million dollar smile on her face.

11. Make her some bed tea or coffee:

If you have always been the person who expects some tea or coffee right beside your bed in the morning then you should do it for your wife too.

12. Do the Grocery shopping:

If your wife prepares a list before she heads out for grocery shopping then you should get that list and do the ritual yourself. She is definitely going to like it.

13. Drop on the match and talk to her:

If she had a bad day and you have a match going on the television then you must always choose the former. Instead of postponing the idea of talking to her on the bed you should head to her right now, cancel on the match you can catch it later.

14. Make the bed before she comes in the bedroom:

You shouldn’t always be the one waiting for her to come make the bed for you. You can mean so much to her by making the bed for her too.

15. Follow her idea of spending a romantic Sunday:

Even if you have never been an expensive romantic date kind of a husband you should definitely do it sometimes. If she likes things romantic, then surprising her with it on a normal Sunday when she least expects it can be a great idea.

16. Arrange for a get together:

Your wife must be missing the golden days where she used to be her carefree self with her amazing bunch of friends. The least you can do is surprise her with a get together.

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17. Clean her car:

If you are fond of keeping your car clean and all shiny then you should do it for your wife’s car too.

18. Make her laugh:

Well this idea has also been a criterion for women to choose a life partner and now when you have one you shouldn’t just stop making your wife laugh. Use laughter to get away with issues that are not that serious.

19. Spend some quality time with her family members and friends:

Women love husbands who have a great equation with their friends and family. So, never forget to have some bonding time with your wife’s family or friends even when she is not present at the moment.

20. Carry her purse when the need be:

If she has a chewing gum stuck on her sandal or if she has to go to the loo, don’t make faces if she asks you to hold her purse for her. Feel obliged instead and she will be happy to have found a husband like you.

21. Make some love notes for her:

Just in case you were in a hurry and the “bye-bye” kiss couldn’t be stolen then paste a sticky note saying, “I love you and thank you.” Before you leave for her. You have no idea how elated she will feel when she sees it.

It has been very well stated love can be expressed in a number of forms and methods; all you need to have is the true intention of expressing it. These 21 ways are going to speak for you without you actually having to speak so, try them because we know your wife means the world to you after all she has got every reason to. Good luck.


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