15 Ways To Make Your Marriage Life More Exciting And Entertaining


Mignon McLaughlin said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”.

But, it seems that today marriage has become a mere obligation to the society. Rarely, you can find love and commitment between the married couples.

All they are doing is, taking marriage as a sheer tradition which they have to follow to cope up with communal pressure. Cases of divorce and separation are increasing massively by the passage of time.

Earlier, marriage was considered to be the merging of two souls wandering for love and affection. People are forgetting that to keep a married life active and healthy, they have to give time and patience to the relation.

It is like a small plant that needs sunlight and water to grow and survive. So, here I am discussing a few points that you can follow to keep your married life exciting and viable:

15 ways to keep your married life healthy.

1. Appreciate your partner, It matters the most.

I can understand that the life you are living is very fast and draining. But think once. Isn’t it the love for which you’re living? To get that love you must make your partner feel that, no matter what happens, you will appreciate her for all her efforts that she is giving to make you happy.

Appreciate her consistently and if you are getting back the appreciations then there is nothing like it. Emotional dissatisfaction plays a pivotal role to ruin a relationship. It can be harmful for your marriage.

2. Being thankful to your partner is the key to a healthy married life.

Sometimes, we tend to ignore our partner efforts that she is making to make you happy. May be because of the constant pressure from your workplace or any other kind of pressure, you are unable to look on the attempts that she is making to create happiness in you but one thing you must keep in your mind that when you are at home make sure to forget all the professional pressures.

Find out time for her and make her feel that you are thankful to her for what she is doing for you. In return, the amount of love that you will receive will be enough for you to live. It will reward you with the mutual happiness and satisfaction to keep your married life alive.

3. Be honest to your partner, Honesty is the best policy.

The most toxic part about a relationship is being dishonest. Without honesty, it is impossible to keep your married life healthy. No matter, the intensity of the heinous thing that you have done, you must share it with your spouse. Hiding things will lead you to nowhere.

Suspicion and doubt will make their places in your life and those are enough to make your relationship bitter and delicate. Do not suppress any issues or it will allow miscommunication which you don’t want in your life.

4. Yes, looking good does matter.

Loving each other is a very obvious thing in a married life but that shouldn’t stop you from looking good. It is a very common trait of human behaviorism that looking good attracts your partner.

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May be you are very comfortable around your spouse but to make things spicy and exciting you should take care of your good looks. It will make your partner to compliment you which is a very essential part of strong married life.

5. Work out together.

As I said earlier, that looking good is an important part of married life. Working out together will enhance your looks and will keep you healthy to keep going with your partner. It will also enhance your conjugal compatibility and will make your bond unbreakable.

6. Give time to your kith and kin.

Married life doesn’t imply the fact that you have to forget your friends and relatives. After marriage, many people grow a tendency of isolating themselves with their partner. Believe me; it will make the situation worse. Magic touch of your relationship will be lost.

Sometimes, you need some distance to spark the light of love and romance that you once had. Spending alone time with your friends and family will boost up the intensity and thirst of your relationship.

7. Be careful, Words are like bullets, you cannot take it back.

They say, “Some things are better left unsaid”. Well, this works also in the case of marriage. Maybe you are pissed off with your partner due to some issues. Accept the fact that no one is perfect.

It is okay to get hurt sometimes. Pissing you off, doesn’t deny the fact that your partner loves you unconditionally. So, choose your words wisely and do not hurt your partner emotionally. It will dig a scar in her heart and it will be very hard for you to cure it.

8. Take the initiative first, They will like it.

Waiting for your spouse’s words to do something? Well, take the initiative first. It can be washing dishes, cleaning the sofas, mowing the lawn and et cetera.

It will prove that you are there for her and you are ready to divide the tasks equally. Unnecessary arguments will not rise up their head to inject the toxicity in your relationship, if you follow this.

9. Sometimes, it is good to let it go.

Marriage is a long-term issue and to keep it safe you must do some kind of adjustments. We, human tend to explain everything by the intuition of our emotions. May be your partner will do something that will evoke you but sometimes it is good to let it go.

Otherwise, you will lose her which is not worth it. I am not saying that, you should not speak out if you disagree to something but close it then and there. Do not open the forgotten chapters in future.

10. Be Kind, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”.

Every relationship needs respect and kindness to grow up. It is very common now a days to take advantage of your partner by manipulating them for their past.

Perhaps, it is very harmful for a relationship. You should shower your partner with kindness and respect to make the pillar of love strong and immovable.

11. Passion and intimacy is very important part.

Here, by intimacy I am not talking only about sex. Kissing and listening to your partner is also a part of intimacy. I can understand that physical intimacy is very important, but it is not enough to keep your married life smooth.

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Mental intimacy is also very important. It is the balance between physical and mental intimacy that will lead you to the path of happy and healthy married life.

12. Grab some time and have fun, It’s important.

In this century, it is almost a dream for us to grab some time and have fun. We are living a rapid life where everything is moving in the speed of light.

But, to keep our humanely instincts alive sometimes we need to spare some time from the busy schedule of ours and enjoy it with our partner. Not only it will keep our bonds stronger, but it will also bring happiness.

13. Appreciate each other’s interest.

To live a happy married life, it is important for us to enjoy our life together. It includes sharing our fields of interest. Taking part in activities that involve our partner’s interest will allow us to learn new things and it will also help us to know our partners more intimately.

14. Surprise your partner to keep romance alive.

Surprises are the best way to keep the fire of romanticism alive in you. It can be giving flowers, giving presents or cooking her favorite meal.

The smile in her face after getting the surprises will make you fall in love with her again and again. The energy level of your married life will get a boost and you can live your life happily.

15. The most important thing, enjoy the life together.

You will only get one life. Make sure to enjoy it to the fullest. Grasp all the happiness out of it and create beautiful memories with your partner, which you can cherish for all of your life.

Final Thoughts.

Marriage is a very important and beautiful part of our life. By marriage we get a partner with whom we can overcome all the ups and downs that our life has to offer.

So, do not ruin it and give all the possible efforts to keep it healthy and alive. Follow the above points and make your marriage life happy and worth living. Best of luck.


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