10 Things Men Do When They’re Truly In Love


They say that we all have that one person in our lives we’ve always been waiting for. However, when we meet that person, we don’t understand at times.

Men are a funny species. You will find some who over express and then again you will have some sweethearts who will never say but they really do care a lot about you.

Today, let us talk about some of those things which will make you realize that he’s the one for you.

1. He respects you the way you are:

This is the first and foremost thing that will bring you close to him. A man who can respect women, their independence and individuality are a gentleman.

He will never disrespect your opinions. He will not try to change the way you think, behave or respond. This makes him a nice human being and that’s what matters the most.

2. He takes interest in your life:

relationships become stronger when you get to know things about each other. I have seen men who are so full of themselves that they forget to count you in between. Then again, you will have men who remember everything you had once shared. They make it a point to know what is up with you.

All of a sudden, you feel special in the sense that someone actually takes the pain to know what is going on in your life. That’s a genuine sign that he’s fallen for you. It’s not everyday that we try to figure out other’s life, do we?

3. He’s your best critic:

“Babe, what ever you say is right and I love you” is the wrong sign. “Babe, whatever you are doing is wrong. I’ll help you rectify that, but I still love you okay?” is the right sign that he loves you. When we are close to someone, we don’t be diplomatic with them.

The day he starts telling you your negatives without pulling you down, you know he’s your man. Men generally are very chilled people. They will never come forward and interrupt till they love you enough. This shows that they care, they care if you do something wrong or right.

4. He has your back:

Did something utterly stupid and need help? He will be there. He might scold you, get angry but he will get it sorted end of the day. This is one very big indication that this guy is in love with you and you will find yourself doing the same for him.

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A weird connection develops where he will know that you are in trouble and the same applies for you as well. That’s called true love.

5. He won’t take one bad word about you:

There are times when you would think that this guy is so rude, he always scolds me. But trust me, if someone else says anything bad about you, he will be the first person to go break his face. Well not literally break his face but he will defend you till the end of the debate.

If you find a guy who defends you in front of others and scolds you for your mistakes and when you guys are alone, he’s the one.

6. He takes out time for you:

We all are so busy in our daily lives. Seldom do we have the time to go out, meet people or strike a conversation. In this busy clumsy world, if you both have a little world of your own, you both are in love. If he makes a point to call you everyday now and then, if he takes out time every day after office just to see your face once, he’s in love with you.

He might never tell you, but it takes a lot to run out of office early, take the first cab and then behave as if he had a lot of free time and that is why he came down. Cute, isn’t it?

7. He gives you surprises:

I remember these two friends of mine. They were best of friends, but they had to shift to different cities. Both of them had a terrible fight over the phone. The next day, she found him in front of her house.

He had traveled almost 7 hours, just to say sorry. They are married today. Men who know how to make you happy, is in love with you for sure. Or else, a guy who doesn’t even get up to get his own food, would never do something this edgy.

8. He encourages you:

I have seen so many relationships in the past where the man is everything in the relation. The woman is there for supporting him to do well in life. Love doesn’t work that way. A man who encourages you to do something in life truly loves you.

He would never be jealous or bring in ego even if you are doing better than him career wise. Rather, he would motivate you to do even better. He will be your support system and cheer you as you go out there and kill it. If he does this, trust me he loves you.

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9. He is there when you are low:

You will find a lot of men who will be there to chill and hang out with you. However, when you are really low and down, not all men are interested in taking care of you. It calls for a lot of patience, sacrifice and love to be there with a person who has mentally or emotionally broken down.

If you’ve had him beside you when you were the lowest, he loves you. Don’t let him go. Only he deserves to be with you when you are back to your happy days.

10. He has always been beside you:

We often don’t really care about men who are always there for us. This is because we start taking him for granted. A man who was there with you when you had nothing, who saw you rise, fall, fight, a man who stood by you when you were winning your battles, a man who smiled at you and said that he believes in you, is the real love of your life.

Men and women has different ways of expressing their love. Most of the women express it through their words whereas men express it through their actions.

You just need to figure that while you still have the time and you will have your own messy, crazy and funny little fairytale.


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