8 Personality Traits of Strong People That are Difficult to Understand


If you think that someone who has been dominating or has a no-nonsense attitude has a strong personality, then you might be wrong.

Strong Personality is not just ignoring the negativity or not tolerating someone else’s nonsense behavior. It is more about being independent, intimidating and generous towards life or people.

Having a Strong Personality is not easy as it takes time for someone to be like that, if you don’t know what exactly a person with strong personality is like then try noticing these 8 traits in them.

a person with strong personality

1. They are Emotionally Intelligent

The ability to understand your emotions and cope up with them as the need be is a rare trait. Most of the people don’t identify or cope up with their emotions as they happen. It is something one needs to learn with time.

There will be moments in life where you are not supposed to react on everything even though something is breaking your heart.

One must have heard of quotes like “No matter how you feel get up, dress up, show up.” or “The Show must go on.” and Strong people master this skill.

2. They have the ability to say NO and not make excuses

If you have something planned beforehand and suddenly your friend asks for help.

What most of the people will take it as, “How do I say NO to him/her?” “What if he/she feels bad?” and the people with Strong Personality will be polite and let their friend know that they have planned something so, they are not available today.

This is how they tackle things because these people don’t fear offending others by saying NO since their motive has never been pleasing others.

3. They enjoy their own company

There are people around us who fear loneliness and they are scared to stay alone for the rest of their lives. But with people who have strong personality, it is different. They enjoy other’s company, but they never force themselves in a conversation or company for the sake of not being alone.

They know that they don’t need to have a boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or companion to feel alive; they know how to be alone. The Strong Personality people are more into self-love than expecting it from somebody else time and again.

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in a party

4. They know how to deal with negativity and rude comments

Sense of humor is a big thing and of course a skill that not everybody knows how to apply. People who have a strong personality know when to apply their sense of humor and how.

For example, if somebody tells you to not wear that dress because according to them you look ugly, what will be your reaction then? You might believe them and not wear the dress anymore or you might respond rudely to them.

But someone who has a strong personality will come up with something funny like, “I didn’t know it hurts your eyes to see me like this, I will change it for you.” or “Hey! Sorry but I was bored being pretty.” Now hearing this any person would respond like they were kidding and the strong personality one’s would say they were kidding too.

5. They are Confident individuals

People who have a strong personality never question their worth or fear showing up their insecurities. Instead they choose to work on their insecurities and learn from their doubts to inspire others.

They don’t allow others to help them to gear confidence because they choose to be their own hero. Other than fearing the negative, they turn out to be positive towards the uncertainty.

6. They face their fears

Generally, people think that someone who has a strong personality is Fearless which however is not true. Everybody has a fear factor within themselves but what truly makes them fearless is how they choose to deal with it.

While some people keep ignoring it and postpone it, the strong ones would make a courageous attempt to excel in it. People with Strong Personality know how to control their fear and continue facing them because they know that life is uncertain.

7. They don’t live to be the center point of attraction

Ever body enjoys some attention but only for the good reasons, nobody wants to be the talk of the town for all the lame or bad reasons. Strong People don’t rely on others to make them happy or sad because they don’t care about other people’s opinion.

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They stay away from all kind of drama which doesn’t do any benefit instead drains their energy or happiness.

8. They are never jealous from other people’s achievement or success

When you and your co-worker are working on the same project and you see the best employee award going to him, you feel bad don’t you? This is the difference with people who have a strong personality.

They motivate people around them to do better and if they see someone achieving their goals, they feel good about it. They use other people’s success or achievement as their motivation to do better.

They believe in themselves so; they know they are capable of doing it their way the next time.

These 8 traits are very helpful and somebody who learns to incorporate them will learn to be strong. However, people who don’t have a strong personality need their very time to learn it the other way. Good day!


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