12 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Should Know


12 Incredible Psychology Facts Everybody Needs To Know

Human psychology is very hard to fathom. It is deep, vast and complicated. Till now we haven’t interpreted human psychology fully. It is said that we are not able to use our brain more than a certain limit. We are still unaware of our subconscious mind which is very lethal and mysterious.

Not only that, we also cannot use our conscious mind to the fullest. But still, our brain is capable of doing certain things which are amazing and breathtaking. Here are some amazing and interesting psychological facts that you must know:

1. Tiredness is the key to creativity.

Well, you must be shocked. It is a common belief that our brain doesn’t work when we are tired. But let me tell you that it works other way round. It has been observed after doing some intense researches that your brain works faster when you are tired.

When you over work, your brain loses its spark and shuts down but when you are tired, you tend to relax and at that time you cannot control your thoughts. You let your mind to float free and some amazing ideas come to your mind. So, be tired and show all of your creativity.

2. We give attention to those who ignores us, and we ignore those who adore us.

It is a very common fact and humanely nature. We all have gone through this. As a human, we are more eager to get what we don’t have, and we don’t value the things which we already have.

According to some studies, it has been proved that rejection has a great connection with motivation, addiction and reward. It is very ironical, isn’t it? Well, it is the fact that everybody should accept and move on with their life properly.

3. You brain will receive rejection as pain.

Well, it is an obvious fact that rejection hurts very. According to the neuroscience the brain literally gets hurts by rejection.

However, the physical pain and emotional pain are processed differently by the brain, but the reaction is quite similar. It releases the same natural chemical both the times.

4. If we do the things that scare us, we will feel happy.

This is one of the keys to happiness. It will let you to come out from your comfort zone and will build up your confidence.

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By doing uncomfortable things you will make yourself stronger, both physically and mentally. You will feel happy about it. According to psychology, ‘fear is fun’. So, dare to challenge yourself and come out of the shell.

5. You will take only four minutes to fall in love.

Well, the concept of love at first sight is very much true. Your brain will take only ninety seconds to four minutes to decide whether to love the person or not.

So, if you want to awe someone, make yourself to burst their mind within ninety seconds to four minutes. Good luck with your approach and make the first impression memorable.

6. We have the power to control our dream.

Yes, it is true. We can control our dreams. All you have to do is to focus and be patience. Our brain is capable of doing that. You can shape your dream as you want. Suppose, in your dream you are running and there is no place to run and you need to fly.

So, be focused on it and fly away. This phenomenon is called lucid dreaming. It is considered as a good psychological exercise.

7. 80% of our time is spent on gossiping and it is okay.

Well, the word ‘gossip’ reminds us of women but according to studies, men gossip as much as women do. We spent a lot of time speaking about someone else.

There are some people who enjoy it and there are some people who don’t like it but some way or the other they also gossip. So, gossiping is okay, and it may be a very important part to live.

8. Talking about our goals make us unsuccessful.

Experts’ advices that, if you want to achieve success in your life, don’t talk about it because it will make you defocused from your present.

While talking about goals we are only thinking about our future which allows us to avoid the necessary steps that we should have taken in the present to secure our future.

9. Way of treating a waiter reveals our character.

It is called ‘the waiter rule’. We all have noticed at some point of our life that there are many people who behave with the waiter very rudely.

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According to experts, you should not trust the people who behave badly with the waiters. It reveals the dark side of their character.

10. We cannot multitask.

Multitasking by human is a myth. Many studies revealed that humans can’t multitask. Our brain is not capable of doing multi-tasking.

We confuse multitasking with focus shifts. We are capable of shifting our focus to another task very quickly which is not multitasking.

11. Blind people never develop schizophrenia.

In the history of human psychology, there is not a single case of blindness with schizophrenia. It is quite a shocking and interesting fact.

12. Millennials are considered to be the most depressed workers.

Anxiety and depression are the two most common things that you will find in millennials. 1 out of 5 millennials is suffering from depression during working. Physically they are present there, but they are psychologically drained. So, try to listen to them and support them.

Final Thoughts.

Human brain is a very interesting thing. There are many interesting myths and facts about human brain. So, try to find out the unique capabilities of your brain and work accordingly.


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