11 Signs There Is A Toxic Person In Your Life


It is very hard to find out the toxic person in our life because they are very good at disguise and they always wear a mask of goodness. But, knowingly or unknowingly we get affected by these persons.

They will silently come to your life and inject the poison that they are carrying with themselves and you will suffer for their toxicity. So, it is very important to find out the toxic people in our life and get rid of them.

Here, is the list of signs that you must know to find out a toxic people in your life and avoid them.

1. They are very bad listeners.

Toxic people will not listen to you properly. It is very important to listen what the other person is saying and then give them a reply. It is very normal, and it will indicate that you have listened to him carefully and given him the interest.

But toxic people will ignore you and they will keep talking about themselves. They will never respect your presence, as if you are non-existent to them. So, if you find that kind of person try to stay away from them.

2. They will always present themselves as the victims.

Toxic people have a very bad habit of twisting situations. They will always imply that they are the victim and will make you feel guilty even if you have done nothing. They always have their excuses ready to manipulate the situation even if the fault is from their side.

They will never admit that they are wrong. They can go to any extent to prove that they are victim of the situation. So be safe and don’t let them come near you.

3. Judging people is in their blood.

They always have a bunch of bad things ready to say to everyone even if the person is unknown to them. They will justify themselves by saying that they have the capability to observe a person by their looks. They will also criticize the personal appearance of those persons.

They will judge people even if the person they are judging is far better and capable from them. So, next time if you see someone doing that then make sure that he/she is a kind of person to get rid of.

4. They will always seek attention.

Seeking attention is another quality that all the toxic people carry. They will be desperate to prove that they are the superiors while having a conversation. Toxic people will always dominate, interrupt and control the conversation.

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They will only get satisfied, if the conversation that is going on about them. You fill find that they are the loudest people. They will always try to establish that they are above everyone. Ignore these kinds of people and don’t let them kill your inner peace.

5. Respecting someone is not in their nature.

You cannot expect of getting respect from the toxic people. They will interrupt you just to make the situation about themselves. You will not get any patience or empathy from them which are very aggravating.

You can only react to them by apologizing and they have no clue that their behavior is very abnormal. They are so self-centered that they think that their behavior is completely okay.

6. They will always exaggerate their ego.

You will find that every toxic people will always brag about themselves. It satisfies their ego. They will take every opportunity to gloat about themselves.

Most of them are suffering from Acute Narcissism Personality Disorder. Their whole life is revolving around themselves. They cannot talk about anything else apart from themselves.

7. According to them, ‘they are always right’.

Toxic people tend to think that they are never wrong. But, most of the time the fault is theirs. No matter what happens they will never accept the fact that they are wrong.

So, it will be better for you if you walk away from without trying to make them understand that the mistake is theirs. You cannot argue with a stone and they are nothing more than a stone.

8. They are very abusive.

You will not tolerate any physical abuse but verbal and mental abuse is very draining. Most of the toxic people are very abusive. They have a very special power to abuse you mentally.

So, if you find out that someone is very abusive be sure that he/she is the person that you need to be aware of.

9. They lie a lot.

It is an obvious point that toxic people always lie. They achieve pleasure by lying. They will lie about each and everything. They have some expert lying tactics. At first, they will be super truthful to your trust. Then slowly, they will start shooting their lies to get their way.

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So, it will be good for you if you can observe that from the very first time. You have to be alert or else you will be trapped by them.

10. They are super manipulative.

Manipulation is a very sharp weapon that every toxic people carry. They are very good at manipulating situations. They will make you feel guilty about everything even if the fault is theirs.

They will damage you emotionally. You will be forced to do the things that they want you to do. They will strike in your emotional chord and will make you do things as per their wish.

11. They never compromise.

Toxic people never compromise. It is you who always compromise. They are always eager to take the advantages. Not only that, they will never accept the fact that you are compromising.

They will always imply that they are the one who is always compromising. You can never expect anything from a toxic person. They are lost in their own world of narcissism.

Final Thoughts.

World is full of toxic people. You will find them at every nook and corner of your life. They will emerge from the middle of nowhere and take away your peace and solace from your life.

So, try to avoid those people and figure out the toxic people in your life by following the above-mentioned points. Good luck.


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