11 Bad Habits That Draining Your Energy And You Don’t Even Know It


Energy can neither be created nor can be destroyed but, we humans have a special power to drain our energies without any valid reason. Our ancestors used their energy to hunt animals, build homes and much more but, we on the other hand are sitting in a closet doing nothing and wasting our energies.

As a so called educated human it is my duty to speak out about the reasons for which we are destroying our precious energy.

To be more specific, we are wasting our energy in unnecessary things. Ignoring our intuitions is a very big crime that we are doing each and every day. Taking birth as a human serves a higher purpose for this universe and what we are doing instead of it? Trashing our energies. Valuing something which we have, was never a thing of ours.

So, here I am going to hold a mirror in front of your face to let you to see how you are misusing your energy and shifting from a broader aspect of life:

1. Your worries are inconsequential.

Earth is revolving around its axis like it always used to do, but as the time is passing by we are becoming very materialistic. Our heads are getting filled with stress and responsibilities.

Money hungry brain of ours is failing to focus on the humanely emotions which makes us different from other animals. And as a result of this we are losing our mind even for a very insignificant thing that could have been avoided.

By this, instead of using our energy for love, we are wasting it on irrelevant things like hatred.

2. You are living in the past.

Do not let your past to make decisions for you. Perhaps, it might be possible that your past has a big influence in you and has given you some violent scars but that doesn’t mean you should allow it to ruin your present.

Embrace your present with wide arms and it will gift you the future that you have always wanted. Inject it in your brain that you are stronger than what you think. Binding yourself with your past will only prove that you are weak and afraid.

3. You are not ready to accept the change.

Not accepting the change and the growth is an act of stupidity. It will convey a message that you are losing your control and your life is filled with uncertainty.

Everyone in this earth has potential to contribute to the society and failing to realize it is an act of cowardice. Try to focus on your goals slowly and regularly. And one day you will find out that you have achieved success in your life.

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4. You are involved in drama and negativity.

Drama is something that you should enjoy on the stage and negativity is something that you should never enjoy. Perhaps, there are people who will try to create a bit of drama in your life by summoning negativity in you but avoiding them would be your ultimate destiny.

There are chances that the waves of negativity that you are facing are getting generated in you only, but you must not worry. Just nip it in the bud so that it doesn’t get a chance to come back in your life.

5. You are using fear as an excuse.

Fear is something that you should avoid because it has a very bad quality to mess your mind up. Like brutal pirate loots the ships, it will loot all the positivity from your head.

The energy in you will be drained in the wrong direction and will avert you to achieve success as well as solace in your life. Try to face your fear like a brave warrior and feel your life with positivity.

6. You are taking things personally.

We human often define our existence by our relationship with other people. That is why we are considered to be the social animals. Different types of relationships have different type of intimacy and effectiveness.

Not everyone is connected to us. But being not connected doesn’t imply that the person dislikes you or hates you. Maybe you feel that way because you have a different psychology from him and it is very natural. So, do not take it personally if you are not connected with that person.

7. Your brain wander aimlessly.

J.R.R. Tolkien said that, “Not all those who wander are lost” but most of the time they are.

According to a study, it has been concluded that most of the times our brains are hopping from one point to another and the people with wandering brains are the unhappiest people in the world. So, stay focused on your work. It will avoid your energy from getting drained.

8. You are holding anger and resentment.

Keeping your anger inside you will only make you unhappy and it will not let your inner peace to settle down. It will affect the levels of your energy and you will get nothing in return apart from sadness.

Breathing exercise will help you to cope you up with your anger, allowing the happiness and positive energy.

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9. You are into negative environment.

The world is full of negative people. It is a very saddening fact that they are not satisfied by their negative energy alone. They want to pass it to the people surrounding them.

Irrespective of the place, you should never allow this negative people to intrude in your head. They damage your energy levels.

10. You are not getting proper nutrition.

It is needless to say that, getting a proper nutrition will keep you fresh and energized. Eating junk foods will harm your body as well as your brain.

Your daily meals should include proper nutrition and calorific value. The brain is the most important part of your body and it needs nutrition the most.

11. You are not getting healthy sleep.

I am going to share a fact with you. The number of people not getting enough sleep is increasing massively. You are not surprised, right? Well, you are one of them.

Let me tell, sleeping is very important in order to maintain the balance of your energy. 7-8 hours’ sleep is very important for a human body to function properly. Sleeping less, will mess up with your energy level and will drain your energy without making a proper use of it.

Final Thoughts.

So, here we are. We have told you all the possible ways to tackle energy drainage. Try to improve those points and stop your energy from draining unnecessarily. Good day.


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