10 Reasons Why It’s Hard For Intelligent People To Be Happy


Ernest Hemingway said that, “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”.

It is very true. Maybe you are living a good life. You have a good partner and a good family. You are surrounded by good people. But still, you are not happy. You are feeling discouraged and lonely. What is the reason behind it?

The reason is very strange. You are feeling all these because you are an intelligent person and highly capable. There is always a conflict between you and your happiness.

So, here are the reasons why it is hard to be happy being you as an intelligent person.

1. You set high standards for yourself.

You know what you want from your life. So, you will go to any extent to achieve your goal. You are not satisfied by anything, be it your relationship or your career. You work really hard and forget to focus in your daily life happiness.

Even if you achieve your goal you are not happy, you go for another one. The goal of your life is never-ending.

2. Over-analyzing is your forte.

Whenever you are doing something, you always over analyze it. Over-analyzing leads you to over-thinking. It stresses you out. You try over analyzing everything like your decisions, opinions, thoughts and actions.

Overthinking leads you to go in depression and anxiety. This happens especially when you cannot meet your expectations.

3. You are too harsh to yourself.

You have a very high IQ level. And when it comes to success in both your professional and personal life, you give your best. Even after achieving those you feel unsatisfied. You tend to think that you haven’t given enough.

You always blame yourself for your past mistakes and failures. And by thinking about all this you feel guilty and get frustrated. Negative energy feels you up and your happiness get effected by it.

4. You always go for bigger and exceptional things in your life.

Being satisfied is not a thing for you. You always try to achieve bigger and better things in your life. Everything is boring for you. You feel like you don’t belong here but from a different dimension of time.

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You always try to experience unique, idealistic and flabbergasting things in your life. And in reality, when these things don’t happen, you lose your happiness.

5. Normal people don’t understand you.

Often, you are misunderstood by normal people. It is hard for you to find a likeminded people. You struggle to find someone who shares the same psychological wavelength with whom you can have an interesting conversation.

There are very few people with whom you can share your ideas and opinions. This leads you to loneliness and you are unable to find the happiness that you seek in your life.

6. You are suffering from mental disorders that you don’t even know.

If you have a very high level of IQ it may be possible that you are going to suffer from some mental disorders like social anxiety and bipolar disorder. And even if you don’t have some any psychiatric disorder you are possibly prone to develop existential crisis which will lead to over think.

The reason for this is you often analyze everything very deeply and that leads to analyze between life and death which is very significant reason for you to being unhappy.

7. You are prone to distractions.

Distractions always attract you. You are very prone to distractions. It is very hard for you to keep focus on a single task. There is always a fight going on between you and your head about what to prioritize first because while doing those tasks great ideas are keep coming to your mind. You lose the track of your work that you are doing at that time.

As a result of this, the work which you have taken becomes unfinished and makes you depressed. You suffer from anxiety and guilt of not completing that work which eventually makes you unhappy.

8. You are suffering from ‘Dunning-Kruger effect’.

This is a psychological fact named after David Dunning and Justin Kruger of Cornell University. According to this theory, people with low intelligence think that they are very intelligent because they are not able to analyze their competence properly and on the other hand the people with high intelligence think that they are very incompetence because they are over analyzing their situation.

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So, if you are over examining yourself, there is a chance that you are suffering from Dunning-Kruger effect which is a big reason for you to being unhappy.

9. You are trying to meet others’ expectation.

Being an intelligent person is not easy. Everyone expects a little extra from you. It becomes a burden to you. You always try to meet other’s expectation which is sometimes too much for you.

You are not always able to meet others’ expectation. This makes you feel guilty and bad about yourself which checks your happiness to come in your life.

10. You rarely make rational decisions.

In spite of being an intelligent people sometimes you take irrational decisions like every other people. But as you overthink too much you feel mortified and regret your decision.

You forget the fact that sometimes it is okay to take wrong decision as it is a part of human nature.

Final Thought.

Happiness is a rare thing that you will find in intelligent people. They are always unsatisfied and overloaded by their own world of regret and guilt. So, try to come out from this situation and live your life happily. Good luck.


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