8 Top Health Benefits of Eating Walnuts Daily


Why Should You Eat Walnuts?

There is a certain Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher, called Peter Deunov (also known as Beinsa Douno), who once said that one needs not more than six walnuts a day. And he wasn’t talking about consuming six walnuts along with your other meals – on the contrary.

He meant that you can survive if you don’t eat anything else but six walnuts per day. According to him, walnuts can provide enough sustenance to your body, and, most importantly, to your brain.

But what makes walnuts so special? How can they help you so much? What do they contain? How can they improve your overall well-being?

Let’s find out.

what makes walnuts so special?

1. Walnut allergy

We need to get this straight first. Even though they’re packed with vitamins, minerals and so on, you must not eat them if you have a walnut allergy, unless you want to end up in a hospital.

So you should probably make sure to check whether or not you have one. And if you don’t, keep reading. It’s about to get interesting.

2. Brain boosters

Here’s a fun fact – take a closer look at a walnut. Does it seem familiar? Does it remind you of a certain vital organ, located in your cranium? That’s right!

Furthermore, those small nuts are packed with vitamin E and DHA, a special type of Omega-3 fatty acid. Both of them, along with everything else inside that nut can do wonders to your brain. And, according to a certain study , walnuts can improve verbal reasoning in young adults with as much as 11%!

And if you’re pregnant, it’s advised to add walnuts to your daily meals. The specifications of your walnut eating habits can have a great effect on the brain of your child, while still in the womb.

And who wouldn’t want a clever kid?

But first, of course, speak with a doctor, in order to determinate what kind of intake best suits your condition.

add walnuts to your daily meals

3. Improving male fertility

Along with improving your brain, walnuts have shown to improve the male reproductive system .

According to the study, those males who consumed walnuts have shown better results concerning the vitality, motility and morphology of the sperm, as compared to those that didn’t.

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4. Weight loss

Should you decide on adding walnuts to your diet, you may start feeling more satiated in as little as three days . And that’s one of the key benefits towards weight loss – you don’t feel hungry, so you don’t just eat anything you can get your hands on.

In addition to their satiety effect, walnuts contain substances that help improve your metabolism (like copper, iron, calcium and so on). They’re also packed to the brim with protein and fiber, so are extremely healthy for you, provided you’re a vegetarian.

They help your metabolism if you are a Type-2 diabetic as well , helping you reduce fasting insulin levels.

And it doesn’t end here. Walnuts can do miracles on your digestive system, as they can cleanse it from any toxic substances that might be around.

To top this all up, they can even cure constipation.

Walnuts can do miracles on your digestive system

5. Good for your heart

It’s not only the brain these nuts can improve; they can help you manage certain heart issues as well. Walnuts have been noted to decrease high blood pressure, if you eat them on a daily basis.

Furthermore, due to the omega 3 fatty acids they contain (mentioned above), they are an unmatched source of lipid that can help you fight and prevent any kind of coronary diseases, and also acts as a key factor to decreasing the risk of a heart attack by as much as ten percent.

6. Help fight cancer

As some researches confirm, walnuts are extremely useful when having to battle three types of cancer, namely colorectal, breast and prostate. As mentioned in one of the researches, “Walnuts are composed of a complex array of biologically active constituents with individual cancer-protective properties”.

Along the lines of these “biologically active constituents

7. Other bonuses

There’s a heap of other positive ways walnuts can affect you in. They can improve the quality of your sleep, reduce your levels of stress, help improve your skin (due to the vitamin E they contain) and hair, do wonders on your immune system, make your bones stronger and even improve your overall mood.

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positive ways walnuts can affect

8. Friendly warning

Anyway, before starting to munch on walnuts every five minutes, consider this: no matter how healthy they are, do not overeat them. As healthy as they can be, they can cause many problems if not consumed correctly. Along those problems you may find diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain.

Furthermore, even though they may help you lose weight, they can cause you to gain some, provided you eat them like crazy. And even if you don’t have any allergies towards walnuts, a possibility that you develop one exists, should you overeat.

In some cases, even though rare, the allergic reaction developed towards walnuts may even turn out lethal.

So, overall, walnuts are extremely healthy and it’s strongly advised you include them in your daily diet – simply don’t overeat. And they don’t cost that much as well.

Another friendly tip before we go: If you don’t like them raw, you can always roast them. They’re just as healthy as before, only tastier. Good day.


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