Stop Making These 8 Subconscious Thinking Mistakes Today


Brain is a complex organ of the human body, but it is also an intriguing and interesting topic to talk about.

Brain is surely known for all the intelligent and smart choices it makes but rarely you recognize how illogical and silly decisions it makes owing to the functioning of our subconscious mind.

Just like a child can be misguided if not given proper education, the brain too functions as per that. Our limited knowledge restrains its limitless functions.

Here are 8 Subconscious Thinking Mistakes that we must recognize so as to reconsider our views whenever the need be.

1. We are awful at predicting odds:

Generally, most of the human beings have this habit of predicting the probability theory on its own term.

For example, if we have been losing a game because we chose tails the ample number of times it turned up, we are likely to choose head assuming this time sure it is going to turn up. Because no matter how many predictions you make the probability of heads and tails is still going to be 50-50.

Another way we predict results in by expecting a different result in the nth time we are playing a game, which we were losing from a long time. The chances of winning is 50% and losing is 50%. This situation is termed as “Positive Expectation Bias“.

2. The tendency to avoid conflicts and disagreements:

We always prefer sharing our views and opinions with or among people who believe in them or agree with them. The reason being our subconscious mind which is always trying hard to stay away from any sort of conflict or disagreement.

We grasp information that matches our belief and don’t bother considering the ones that turn out to be different or opposite to our belief.

3. Not able to see what is in front of our eyes:

One won’t believe this one to be true but if you go by what the researchers and experimentalists have to say, you would know that we only see what we choose to see.

Our subconscious mind is very selective when it comes to watching so, it is the memory inside our brain which enables the eye to only focus on things it knows or is aware of.

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4. We actively worry about things we have lost:

There is this behavioral pattern in all of us where we focus on the loss more than the profit.

Well, this means that when your company is making a profit you don’t really learn anything from it but when your company faces a loss you learn so much from the mistake that you end up working hours to achieve the same gain.

Whosoever said, “Failure is the best teacher.” Probably knew the mistake our subconscious mind keeps playing in the background.

The money you have lost or the effort you have given to a relationship is never going to come back, similar to what we say, “Time and Tide waits for none.” So, people find a point in making a decision based on the past losses or experiences.

5. Stereotypes affect us way more than we imagine:

Just in case you said it to yourself of how the stereotypical mentality doesn’t bother you, you are completely wrong because your it does matter in your subconscious mind.

When one has to make a rational decision, which has been mixed with stereotypical decisions then you are more likely to choose the stereotypes one.

Someway or the other it is that view which is controlling your mind because we are behaving to be a usual person and also the society.

6. We surround ourselves with people who give conformity:

Well, most of us know that we are more attracted to people who think like us or have opinions that matches ours.

This way we don’t really put our views or knowledge in the bigger picture where we can actually find varieties to relent on. Instead we choose to be surrounded by information that we already know and satisfy ourselves more often. So, we basically confirm what we know and pretend to be genius in the same.

7. We trust facts less than our memories:

We, humans have this habit of not trusting the facts and instead relying on our memory every now and them. Some situations in life aren’t about what you know, they are more about what you notice and grasp to understand.

For example, a sum is given by your math teacher which is different than what was taught. Now, you will keep applying formula he taught, and you will try solving it in a way you have been doing all this while. Nobody really applies logic and goes for another method so, this is how one makes mistakes.

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8. The Anchoring Effect:

We visit restaurants and we also go shopping but aren’t we most attracted to both these places when we hear enticing deals and discounts. For example, a combo meal offers or 50% off in your favorite clothing brand.

Nobody really realizes that there is a hidden cost on the meal or dress you buy which originally is making you pay more for it.

The possibility of not understanding the anchoring effect by our subconscious mind makes us fall for advertising tactics. Not able to get over the Anchoring Effect is actually going to cost us more in the future.


These mistakes are still going to happen with you on a regular basis after all it is your subconscious mind you cannot grab a hold on.

But of course, you now distinguish them and gradually you can act upon them too because it is normal to not make logical decisions and not think twice before you buy the dress or delicious meals.

Apart from this, it is important to have an open mind and evaluate every available option before taking a final decision. Also, a balanced view is necessary to live a balanced life. Good day!


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