6 Easy Ways How To Spice Up Your Life


Life is passing by and day by day we are losing millions of moments. We justify that we are busy and our job is more important than anything else. But in reality we are missing out on precious moments, moments so precious that they define living.

Don’t allow your years to become a blur with all of that running around. Stop for a moment and breathe in, life is in fact beautiful. Today we list 6 very easy tips that will lead you to live a fuller and more satisfying life.

Live A Fuller Life With These 6 Easy Tips
Live A Fuller Life With These 6 Easy Tips

1. Give up on that phone

Your twitter has not cooked your food neither Instagram has brought it to your table. Leave your phone and appreciate the food for once. And there is nothing more arrogant and ignorant than talking to a person while staring at your phone.

Make a rule in your life to switch yourself off digitally daily for some time. Easiest way is not to look at your phone while eating and switch it off (or silent it) an hour before going to bed. Listen to music, go for a walk or read a book.

Your brain will appreciate the less onslaught of information and will surely make you to appreciate real things more.

2. Cook Something

Food is something that touches us physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is one of our primal needs and we are automatically drawn towards it. It also strengthens our relationships etching some memorable events in our lives. Tell me, don’t you love your mama’s Mac and cheese?

Cooking is a great stress buster. So we highly recommend that go ahead cook something that you like. Cook something familiar on the days you want warmth and cook something new when you are feeling adventurous.

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To our friends who don’t like cooking we recommend to give it a try once. The instant gratification you will get after creating something tasty is best experienced once.

Cooking is a great stress buster.
Cooking is a great stress buster.

3. Go to movies/events more often

With every form of entertainment coming to our homes we are becoming like bunnies, always trying to hide in our burrows. Food is delivered at home, Netflix is there and with Wifi around we feel we don’t need anyone else. WRONG

We are humans we need human interaction. We need to talk to other people, observe them, feel them, hear them and absorb the world. Go out and meet new people and interact with the world. Trust us you will feel happy about that decision.

4. Monthly activity

This one is something we recommend to everyone. Join a book club, a community activity, movie club, foodies club whatever that interests you. When you have a fixed event every month there is always something to look forward to. Plus you get to meet like minded people and a chance to make new bonds.

Don’t get involved in too many things in a bout of motivation but just do things simply. This way you will able to sustain a club and its demands easily without getting flustered.

5. Try something new every week

If you can actually try something new every day it would be just wonderful. Your brain likes new things and build new neurons for all the new stuff. Finding and doing new things every day can be a difficult task but you can always plan and do new things in a week’s span.

Try a new route to your office, read something different, skip newspapers for a week, dance, sing and just don’t do the usual. This will fill you with more experiences and make your life more full.

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Always plan to do a common activity with your friends.
Always plan to do a common activity with your friends.

6. Activity with your friends

Always plan to do a common activity with your friends. We are not saying going for a dinner or watching a game together. Do an activity together like travel, going for a hike, doing puzzles, playing board games etc. think and you will get more ideas.

This way you will get to know a side of the people that you care about and connect in a new way. Common activities will also make you a better team worker, better communicator and a more compassionate person. There is so much positivity in this idea that it will surely benefit you.

So, go ahead and make implement these tips in your lives and see how beautiful it gets. Good luck!


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