How To Be Happy: 8 Proven Tips To Live A Happier Life


8 simple tips for a happier life

Pursuit of happiness, isn’t that the goal of our lives? At the end of the day if you are happy everything is just fine.

Today we are listing 8 very simple tips that can help you lead a much happier and fuller lives. Give them a shot, it is worth trying.

8 simple tips for a happier life

1. Take care of your sleep

Whenever we are stressed out or have a lot of work to wrap up, sleep is the last thing on our minds. We tend to ignore it and allot very few hours for sleep. This is just wrong.

Getting a 7 to 8 hour sleep is essential for the functioning of the body. A wrong sleep cycle affects the generation and maintenance of hormones which ultimately affect our health and mood adversely.

Not getting enough sleep will not make you more productive on the contrary it will reduce your productivity by 30 to 40 percent. So snooze away.

2. Do regular exercise

Your body is the home of your mind. No matter how well your mind works if your body is not healthy and supportive you will never be able to achieve success. Exercising ensures that your body is equally taken care of and is kept at its best functional level.

We are not asking you to join a gym, start small with a morning walk. Exercise with what is comfortable with your schedule and slowly you will see the positive effects of the same.

Exercising ensures that your body is equally taken care

3. Eat Well

We are what we eat. If you keep pushing junk or unhealthy food in your stomach your body will start giving the same back to you. You eat junk body gives you acidity, obesity and stomach problems.

Eating nutritious and healthy food will keep your body relaxed and the hormones balanced. Good level of hormones means better mood will eventually transpires to better social connections and a happier you.

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4. Action kills anxiety

Many a times our to-do list overwhelms us so much that we spend hours of planning and worrying. Stop that. The best way to deal with worry and anxiety is action. Take the first step and move towards the solution.

Taking actions will also make you feel much in control and positive about the outcome.

5. Positivity goes a long way

Our thoughts shape our destiny. Thoughts become words, words become actions and actions makes our destiny. Everything that you will ever achieve starts inside your brain. Understand the power of it.

Thinking positively will make you try new things and approach and resolve issues more smoothly. It is one of the most practiced technique by successful people. Thinking positively will take you places.

Thinking positively will make you try new things and approach and resolve issues more smoothly.

6. Keep the gratitude

Almost all religions teach this. Gratitude is the simplest path to spirituality. Be thankful for things you take for granted. Be thankful for good things that happen to you.

Our world is filled with beauty and wonderful souls and you have an opportunity to discover and interact with them. Being grateful will make you feel richer and really happy.

7. Let go of negative emotions

Negative emotions need to be let go. If you are jealous or harboring hurt because of someone, it’s time to let go. You are spoiling your internal world by storing these energy draining emotions.

Forgive and move ahead in your path. Let go of the baggage and you will feel so light and happy.

8. Be kind always

Every time you choose to be kind you signal your brain that you are in a good place. I can be kind and loving only when I am strong inside, isn’t it?

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Kindness is a great source of happiness. The satisfaction you get after providing and supporting someone in need of kindness can be way bigger than anything monetary. What’re your thoughts?


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