Always Remember These 3 Things When You Are Feeling Down


Life sometimes puts us through some difficult test. These tests take our self-esteem and crush it under a bulldozer. It happens with everyone.

Though it’s essential that you remember that you have to pick yourself up and keep going. Keep fighting, the world can be a cruel space but our positivity and our strength has all the power to make it beautiful.

We are listing 3 things that you should always remember when you are feeling down. This list is not exclusive for girls but it is for everyone who is hurting right now.

Always Remember These 3 Things When You Are Feeling Down
Always Remember These 3 Things When You Are Feeling Down

Rule no. 1: Allow the pain in

You must be wondering what kind of advice is this. It’s always healthy to process emotions rather than pushing them in a corner of your heart. Processing the pain and the negative emotions allows your brain to accept the situation and look for a solution. This allows prevents insomnia and other psycho somatic diseases.

Breathe in and let the flow from top to bottom. Imagine yourself standing in a shower and your pain showering down from your head and to the drain and in the end you walk out in the sun and that dries out all your pain.

Rule no. 2: Look at your past

You have been through tough times and you have bounced back. You have done that and then why won’t you be able to do it again. Believe in yourself and objectively look at how you managed to move out from the previous trauma. Chalk out the steps and see how you can implement the same today.

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Everyone has a different coping mechanism and you should indulge in them to make yourself feel better. If Going on a holiday works?, great do that.

make yourself feel better
make yourself feel better

Rule no.3: Look for good

This may sound a very harsh statement to make but it is true. Something good pops out of our worst memories. Take it as a lesson and absorb what it throws at you.

For example of you are getting out of an abusive relationship, feel bad about the pain and damage it caused. Look how you have dealt with break ups and separation in the past and then look at the positive side of it. You are out of pain and this will pave way for better beginnings in your life.


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