9 Signs You Are a Strong, Independent Woman


“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.” ~ Unknown

Independence is something, everyone strives to achieve. With independence comes a sense of freedom, courage, and strength to be what you are and what you want to be.

It’s very difficult to be strong and independent especially if you are a woman. Perhaps you have always heard people around you say, “Be strong!”. Now, what do they mean by being strong? Well, strong, independent women draw their own definition of strength.

A strong woman is beautiful in her own way. She always brings more of everything in life. More laughter, more love, more self-acceptance, and more dignity. It is a fact that if you change a girl’s vision on life, you affect her vision and her immediate world and the world she will have an impact on.

There was a time when women were told and made to be dependent on a man. As the times have changed, women are also changing. You and I, don’t necessarily need a man to tell us what to do?

So, what makes you a strong, independent woman? Here are:

9 Signs You’re a Strong Woman That Stands Out from the Crowd.

1. You believe in yourself:

You always know how to use all your exceptional abilities which no man has. You are self-assured and self-confident. You are not only successful professionally but also in personal life. You understand your value and know what you have to offer in any situation.

As Oprah Winfrey once said, “I was once afraid of people saying, who does she think she is? Now I have the courage to stand and say, this is who I am”. Self-belief is what makes you stronger and courageous.

2. You are independent:

You are fine with figuring things out on your own. You don’t need a company to do a task. You are captivated with purpose and content with what you do. You are used to handling your own tasks which you feel yields better results than doing it with someone.

You always speak your mind and are relied on your honesty. This bluntness can take some people off guard, but that’s okay because you don’t beat around the bush. Plus, your opinions and advice are always perceived as genuine.

3. You know no bounds:

You don’t restrict yourself to a certain place. You are always ready to push the bar and give the best out of yourself. You honor your inherent creativity as a divine gift. However dark or painful, you dig deep into yourself, mining the unique contributions you have to offer up to the world.

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4. You are aspiring, progressive and determined:

For women, being ambitious is often portrayed in a negative way. But in reality, pursuing success and making your life worthwhile is as natural for women as it is for men. You don’t limit your ambitions and dreams. You have a progressive mind and you move towards your goal with utter determination.

You take up every challenge with dignity, fight all the odds and emerge successful in whatever you do. You work hard towards achieving your goals. You are always a winner with the kind of grit and determination that you possess.

5. You are compassionate and kind:

Being compassionate and kind is not a sign of weakness. You possess this great quality of connecting with others emotionally which helps you in bonding with people on a stronger level.

You are empathetic towards other people’s needs and treat everyone with respect. You support and encourage them. You are the savior of your loved ones and don’t wait for someone else to help. You protect them, help them thrive and you believe you need the same from them.

6. You trust your intuition:

Your intuitive ability is stronger. You are an observer and deep thinker. You grasp more than you say and keep both eyes open. You are always aware of your surroundings. You trust your gut feeling and are aware of people’s intentions. You are sharp, quick-witted and discerning.

7. You find your own happiness:

You are not dependent on anyone for it and you create your own happiness. Your idea of happiness is different from others definition of it. You don’t let others ruin your peace of mind neither do you corrupt it with your internal turmoil.

You balance your life well and concentrate more on the brighter side. You find happiness within yourself and feel content and complete.

8. You are persevering:

You get up every time you fall. You push forward, even when all odds are against you. You don’t let others influence your decisions and you are resilient. You know when to follow your head and when to follow your heart.

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You keep your things balanced in life. You are grounded in your faith. It can cost you more than you will ever be able to express, or others may be able to know, but you keep going.

9. You respect yourself and hold yourself in a high regard:

You value & respect yourself and expect the same, from people around you. You don’t hesitate to walk away from people who don’t know to respect you or treat you well. You don’t beg for it because you know you are worth more than what they give you.

You practice self-love. Despite all the energy consuming facets, you still understand the importance of taking care of yourself.: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Final Thoughts.

For strong women, strength isn’t built in a gym. It is built on the challenges and hurdles one encounters every day. Becoming a strong and independent woman is not an overnight process.

You grow and evolve as an awesome person and never apologize for how great you are. Strong women grow out strong-willed little girls if you train your willpower as early as you can.

You are a positive role model for those around you and people are drawn towards your honesty, work ethics, and resilience. These attributes make you a strong leader. Your keen observations and directness also provides therapeutic sessions to friends and family, and any crowd envies your problem-solving skills.

Here’s to all the strong women.


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