7 Things Successful People Do Every Day To Stay Productive


Its mid-week and you are staring at your to do list wondering how so much work got piled up. Sounds familiar? Well, this is something many of us face and sometimes it gets so bad that we end up emotionally mopping and blaming ourselves for the mess.

We all know procrastination hurts our life goals and is one of the main source of stress but we still indulge in this sin. There are active steps that can be taken to come out of these unending cycles.

How to be more productive.

Today we bring you 7 Life hacks that will help you to be more productive in the right way and will eventually pave the way of your success. And these are not your generic top of the mind hacks, these are well thought and practiced habits of highly successful people of the world.

How to be more productive.
How to be more productive.

1. Love what you do

Love what you do or do what you love. To be successful in your pursuit you need a lot of strength especially mental and emotional. Your success comes from within you. Ask anyone who has lost weight or made an app or completed a masterpiece, they all will tell you that they loved what they did and that’s why they succeeded.

Working on something that you don’t like or is boring will eat up your emotional energy and creativity. Your mind automatically withdraws itself from the task making it incredibly difficult to give your 100%.

Research also shows that that when you are happy with your job your productivity goes up with 12%.

So if you really want to succeed, follow your heart.

2. Take care of yourself

Self-love is a concept that you should completely absorb if you want to be successful. It’s a myth that busy people don’t take time for themselves and are always working.

Taking care of yourself will ensure that you don’t burn down and your productivity in the long run doesn’t takes a hit.

Taking care of yourself will ensure that you don’t burn down
Taking care of yourself will ensure that you don’t burn down

Create space for relaxing every day. Choose a hobby that makes you happy and if you can’t think of anything start exercising. Even planning for a holiday relaxes you and fills you with positive emotion.

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Even your car needs maintenance then why not your body and mind.

3. Wake up early

From Benjamin Franklin to Barack Obama, rising early has always been a favorite habit amongst successful and productive people.

The main reason this habit leads to better productivity is because your will power and self-control is highest during morning hence you are able to tick of as many items on your list as possible.

The best way to make the most of your early morning sessions is to make a small morning routine and sticking to it. This will kick start your day on a positive note and will set the mood for the rest of the day.

4. Keep track of your goals

There is a famous saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

This is so true that we recommend you to write it down somewhere. When you systematically plan something you give your brain a canvas to start the work on. You set the wheels on motion.

Keep track of your goals
Keep track of your goals

Planning ensures that you see your goals both long term and short term clearly, see the pitfalls and hindrances and estimate the resources required to achieve them.

In the long run, planning and evaluation will tell you more about yourself than a psychiatrist will ever be able to.

5. See the big picture

Plan but don’t get lost in the details. If you lose sight of the bigger picture, your ultimate goal and how your choices are going to shape your life.

Jason Fried says that when you get stuck in minor details you may miss out on time and lose momentum. This leaves you demotivated and emotionally drained.

We suggest make a vision board and clearly depict your goals and the happy future you see for yourself.

6. Be more productive by working less

People who are always busy lack in time management skills and have a weak will power.

K.A. Erickson has proved from his study that highly productive people work on an average 4.5 hours a day.

Be more productive by working less
Be more productive by working less

The magic here is to list and focus on important tasks that affect your future. This can be done by creating a 90 min window for each important item followed by a break of 20-30 minutes. Another rule is to wrap up the most difficult tasks in the beginning and slowly move towards to tasks that need lower will power.

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7. Don’t multitask

Multitasking exhausts you without allowing you to achieve anything conclusive. Study shows that multitasking overwhelms your brain confusing it amongst the task. This tires the brain on a faster speed and you hit the exhaust button faster than you should.

It is always better to focus on one task and put all of your energy in that one thing.

Conclusion: Think and implement

We have listed 7 simple hacks that will allows you to be more productive in a holistic and sensitive way.

Grab a pen and a diary or a note pad on your phone and write down the points that directly concerns you and list the ways you can absorb them in your schedule. Then create a plan for three days, stick to it even if you slip for few times.

Your road to success will start from that day. Good luck.


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