12 Relationship Goals That Help You Evolve as a Couple


Often people are seen putting so much effort to impress that one person they are so much in love with, but have you noticed how after years it is not the same anymore? Also, one must have noticed those couples who live by the caption of “Couple Goals” and we are so much in love with them?

There is a reason why in some places we see happy couples and then we see tragically divorced or broken up couples.

For all those of you who are madly in love and want their relationship to be couple goals, here is how you do it: –

1. Live up to the life that doesn’t include the two of you together:

Of course, everybody has a life, a life that isn’t about one person even if you have been together since childhood. And if there isn’t then one must look forward to it. Because it is never a good idea to cling on to someone or rather be so much dependent that when that very person is busy or not available, you actually have nothing to do.

When you meet people outside the relationship you grow into environments and you can think of a world outside of the relationship no matter how much in love you two are. This make people give space to each other in a relationship and create more of the couple goals.

2. Giving Priority to your relationship:

Yes, you are expected to give some space as well as have some priority, but you are equally expected to give your relationship priority too. For example, prioritizing your girlfriend’s need to talk or be heard in spite of the fact that it is your favorite team playing the game on the television screen.

When you prioritize the people you love, you make them feel wanted as well as important in your life. Doesn’t it sound much like a couple goals?

3. Keep the trust that took years to earn:

The foundation to a happy relationship has always been Trust and it takes time for someone to confide in someone. So, if you have been able to gain the trust of your special someone and then you must learn the very fact that you have to whatever it takes to keep it.

Nothing builds a relationship stronger than an agreement of the people in it to keep trusting each other, be it any sort of insecurity or fears.

4. Do the compromises:

Compromise is an act that every human is supposed to learn with time and also should be willing to do when the important need be. When you are in love with someone you choose to look through them beyond the imperfections because you aren’t perfect either.

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So, if you want to be happy with someone you love you have to willingly give up on things that they find uncomfortable to deal with and so do they.

5. Indulge in some quality time:

Yes, it is difficult to make some time for your partner when you have so much to achieve and so much to complete. But don’t you waste at least 30 minutes in a day idly doing absolutely nothing? So, you can manage to spend some time with your loved one too.

Also, there is a thin line of difference between the “time” you are willing to spend and the “quality time” you are supposed to spend. It can be romance, talk things out moment, reviewing a decision moment or dinner dates moment. Now go with all of these one by one.

6. Believe in the act of Honesty:

When you are honest, you are loyal too and that is how your partner trusts you. There are moments in a day where you are forced to lie about certain things and if it is silly or little then they are specifically termed as the white lies.

But never let those moments turn into acts of dishonesty especially when the person has every right to know about it. Just like you are having an extra marital affair or not finding this relationship exciting enough or anything.

7. Learn to forgive:

We are all human beings and we all commit a mistake that is exactly how we learn and grow. So, when you partner makes a mistake and you are mad about it what you can do is choose to forgive.

This doesn’t mean that you have to forgive them in situations like abuse, infidelity. But situation like your partner’s annoying habit of eating on bed or wearing the same dress for 100th time etc. These situations deserve forgiveness and one shouldn’t make a big fight out of it.

8. Learn the love language:

Happy And Healthy Relationship

Everybody has their own love language and it is not about how they speak when they are in love. It is more like how they look forward to romancing, as in what is their idea of romance?

If your partner is more into romantic dates and movie nights, then you should arrange it for them from time to time and not just on occasions. If your partner has always been an adventurous soul, then you must plan a trip together.

9. Be an attentive lover:

A lover who has been attentive to his or her partner has been everything to them.

The best kind of support you can lend on to a relationship for it to work like those “couple goals” kind of a thing is when you choose to listen and not speak. Listen to them for when they have to rant, complain or stories to tell.

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10. Keep pushing one another:

The ability to grow and develop never really stops for us be it physically or mentally so when you have a loving partner in your life you have the motivation too.

Make sure you are in a relationship where there is enough space for growth and healing. Partners who keep pushing each other to achieve their goals are more likely to give couple goals to others.

11. Take part in the teamwork:

It is important for the couples to realize that the couple is actually a team because both of you is now a team. So, for your relationship to evolve into awesomeness and amazing moments it is important for you to realize that you work together.

You have to share chores and responsibilities whether it is handling bills, children or pets. The reality is in collaborating, that is working together so as to make it together.

12. Attaining a satisfying sex life:

Apart from all the things that make you live a couple goals kind of relationship, it is the passion and love that drive you to do the rest.

Make sure you are living up to your partner’s expectation of how sex should be because sex is the most important key for every relationship. It works like a stress buster too so, when you have had enough doing the “couple goals” responsibilities you should then have great sex.

Final Thought:

Since no human being is perfect so we cannot expect relationships to be perfect as well, but we can surely make it one happy thing. These Goals don’t just evolve you as a couple, but they also make your relationship last longer(happily!). Good luck!


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