12 Positive Affirmations to Say to Yourself at Every Morning


12 affirmations that can help you foster a positive outlook towards life

Having a happy life is often a struggle for most of us. We often find that we are stuck in patterns of negative thinking that not only prevents us from being happy, but also, exhausts our energy and leaves us feeling drained and empty inside.

The power of maintaining a positive outlook is immense and one of the most effective ways by which we can invite positivity into our lives is by using affirmations.

Affirmations can help remind us of the important things in life and break the chains of our negative thinking patterns. Here is a list of 12 affirmations you can say to yourself every morning and how they can change your outlook towards life.

invite positivity into our lives

1. I am worthy of happiness in my life.

We often fall into patterns of self-doubt and contemplations about how we don’t deserve happiness in our lives.

These patterns of self-doubt are extremely harmful for your mental peace and can gradually wreak havoc on our self-confidence. Repeating this affirmation can effectively break that chain.

2. I deserve to enjoy today.

One of the things we often struggle with is feeling guilt over the time we spend on enjoying ourselves. It is extremely important to find a balance between your work and your personal life and to take a few breathers amidst days of work.

If you are making plans to meet up with your friends and taking a day to yourself, this affirmation can help remind you that you too deserve to enjoy the day and not feel guilty about it.

3. Whatever happened in my past doesn’t reflect on my future.

Whenever you have any trauma in your life, we often fall into patterns where we get scared of history repeating itself. Whatever mistakes you have made in the past, or whatever personal tragedy you have faced, it is absolutely crucial to remember that it is in the past for a reason.

Your past is not a reflection of what your future will be, and this thought pattern actively prevents you from learning from your past mistakes and making any sort of personal growth. This affirmation can help you accept your past and move forth towards a better future.

4. I will not let my future affect my present.

The converse is also true. Often, we get so concerned about what our future may hold, we forget to live in the day. It is very important to remember that the only moment we have any control over is the present.

The only day we can influence is today and it is extremely important that we don’t waste it on worrying about the future. Saying this affirmation every morning can help remind you to truly seize the day and get the most out of the present.

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5. I will succeed today.

Having a positive outlook can help invite positive energy in your life. When we believe that we can succeed, our brain isn’t wasting time and energy on negative thoughts and ideas which can disrupt your peace.

This affirmation can help you re-establish your faith in your abilities and enable you to have a clear mind and focus on achieving your goals without falling into the mental obstacles we set for ourselves that often limit us.

I will succeed today

6. I have faith in my intuition and knowledge.

This one is especially important on the days where you have a big presentation, exam or report. If you have studied or prepared for the test, it is very important to repeat this affirmation to yourself.

If you go into the mental state where you doubt whatever you know, chances are, when the time comes, you actually will end up forgetting even the things you knew. It is extremely important to prepare, but it is also equally important to trust what you know and what your gut is telling you.

7. I am not alone.

In this day and age of social media where we are always connected to friends and family, it seems odd that we would feel alone at any point of time, but the truth is, it happens more often than we realize. We often feel like we are completely alone in this world and that no one understands us at all.

However, this is absolutely not the truth. No matter what you are going through, there is someone going through that at this point of time and you can always ask for help if you ever feel alone.

8. I am capable of making my own decisions.

One of the worst habits that we can form is go into a pattern of self-doubt. If you are someone who often finds themselves second guessing everything, this affirmation can help remind you to trust your instincts and stick to any decision you have made.

9. I will make today better by helping others.

This is an excellent affirmation that can help remind us to be kind to others and treat them with the level of respect they deserve and help those who need it.

Often, a selfless act of helping others can help us feel so much better about ourselves and fill us with joy when we need it the most. Keeping this in mind can help you stay grounded and have a better life.

10. I will try to find beauty in everything around me.

This affirmation is one of the most important ones for maintaining a happy and balanced life. One of the most important things that people often forget is that our environment affects us on a daily basis.

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If you fail to see the beauty in the world around you, you will fail to experience the joy that comes with understanding and appreciating the beauty that comes with it.

11. I am in control of the way I react to any situation.

This is absolutely crucial to leading a happy and fulfilling life. Being in control of your emotions, especially in public spheres can establish what impression others have of you.

Moreover, if you are able to remain calm and collected under any type of pressure situation, you are more likely to be able to make smarter decisions and have a better understanding of how your behavior affects the people around you. This affirmation can remind you to take control of your emotions and your responses to various situations.

12. I accept and love myself for who I am.

This is absolutely the most important affirmations that every one of us needs to remind ourselves. If you aren’t taking care of yourself and giving yourself the love and respect you deserve, you are not going to be able to give the people around you the love they deserve.

It is extremely important that you remind yourself that who you are is perfectly good enough, that you don’t need to change yourself for anyone or anything.

Final Thought

These twelve affirmations can help remind you everything you need to remember to be able to have a good day and be emotionally stable in every aspect of your life.

By inviting positive energy in your life, you can deal with difficult situations better and have a more fulfilling life overall. With these simple utterances, you can have a positive outlook towards life and have a fulfilling and satisfying life that is well-adjusted. Good luck.


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