10 Regrets You Don’t Want In 10 Years


Fulton Oursler quoted,

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.”

I personally believe in living life with no regrets. Regrets have the tendency to pull your spirit down and make your heart ache. It gives you a constant thought “I wish I’d had done that, and things would’ve been different today”, but the ugly reality remains as it is – in short, nothing changes.

Even when it comes to your life choices and relationships, the regrets can be innumerable.

How many times have you regretted not apologizing to your partner at the right time? How many of you regret not following your passion and turning it into your career? Who is that one boy/girl you wish you had proposed to or at least tried confessing your feelings to? How many of you have lost their close one and regret not letting them know what they really meant to you? These I think, are regrets no one must have. It can literally kill you.

Do what your heart says, and regret nothing. Sometimes it is okay if you don’t sound practical to others. So, you want to take your lover on a helicopter ride for her birthday, but your friends think it’s insane or too expensive; what do you do? You can save for months if you really want to do this for her, right?

Why should you let go and regret later, simply wishing you had done that for your most prized one? Just go for it boy, keep no regrets, after all, “The heart wants what it wants”.

I have a list of ten things that many of you may regret in the next ten years. This is just to warn you to not have them, and instead follow your heart:

In the next 10 years, don’t regret these 10 things

1. You did not chase your dreams

I have talked to so many elderly people who tell me stories of how they regret not following their passion or pursuing their dreams. They have a huge bucket list of what they want to do, but they have a lack of time, resources and energy.

You sure do not want to be one of them. What is it that your heart craves for? Which is that one place you’re dying to visit? What activity gives you happiness? Do you want to turn it as a career option?

This is the time to realize your dreams, my friends. Don’t just sit back or follow the herd mentality when it comes to making life choices. Be tough and bold enough to do what you want to do!

2. You worked too hard may be for nothing

It is true that money is important. But should it be at the cost of your relationships? I know you’ve been told to work extremely hard to achieve your goals, but that does not mean it should be at the expense of your human connections.

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You should not invest all the world’s time in working so much, that you forget there are important people in your lives. What’ll you do with all the money if you do not have a companion to share moments with? How far will you go alone being wealthy?

You should undoubtedly work hard, but you should know how to strike a balance between your personal and professional life.

Sure, you’d earn stacks of money by being a workaholic, but will you have a loving partner or caring friends in the next ten years then? You think!

3. You lost connection with friends

They say, “With clothes the new are the best, with friends the old are the best“. How true is the line? In the next ten years, how will chill with your friends by the beach and sip on a beer and talk about your old days, when you don’t even have touch with them?

Not just that, you should know that it is always a good time to make new friends, but the point is, do you even make an effort to do it?

Yes, we all are busy with our lives, but a short call, a birthday text, being connected on Facebook or dropping by a WhatsApp message to your friends sometimes wouldn’t hurt a lot, right? You don’t want to regret losing them ever!

4. You aren’t happy enough

I feel, being happy is truly a choice. Your world may be crashing down but how you react is important. Do you become pessimistic, or do you see it as a motivation to live your life more positively? Your mental state should be more important than anything else in the world.

There are too many unhappy people in the world already always cribbing about things, you don’t want to be one of them.

Choose to do things that make you happy, and that way even after ten years, you’ll lead a healthier and happier life.

5. You never said what you meant

The oldies who told me their stories had this one in common! They regret not expressing their true feelings to at least one person in their life – mainly their spouses, their children, and/or their friends, or they regret lying to someone and never telling the truth.

Do you want to be one of them later in life? No right? Say exactly what you feel about someone. A life filled with regrets is not easy to lead.

6. You cared too much for what others think

We live in a society that criticizes everything! You passed an exam, they’d say the question paper was easy, you failed, they think you’re a loser. You’re unmarried, they’d say you have some issues with yourself, you have a live-in girlfriend, they’d think you’re desperate and hopeless!

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In such a state, why’d you care about what others think? No matter what you do, people will talk and comment about everything. Or the case may be that everyone’s too busy to even notice what’s happening in your life.

Don’t live your live by what others shall think of you. Do your own thing!

7. You did not care for your health

Your parents kept telling you not to eat too much junk, your trainer told you to hit the gym regularly, your girlfriend told you to quit smoking, but you never listened! Chances are as you grow old, you develop several diseases.

Being fit is a mandate and there should be no second thoughts about it. You should always look after your own health as a priority because no one else might later on.

8. You worried too much our whole life

Living live with worries and anxieties can be pretty stressful. Why worry so much? What has to happen, will happen, right? What good will happen by stressing over something? Just let it all go. Live your life cheerfully.

9. You take your life for granted

Don’t you believe the life you’re living today is a miracle by itself? Appreciate what you have and feel blessed to enjoy all the wonderful things that God has provided you with.

You’re doing so much better than half of the population in the world. Always be humble, and grateful for everything.

10. You don’t live in the moment

Ten years down the lane, the biggest regret you may have is that you kept worrying about the future and did not live life the way you should have at the present!

Don’t do this. Live each day like it’s your last. Enjoy every moment and live life with positivity and hope.

I really wish you folks follow your heart and passion in everything that you do. Keep no regrets guys! It is not worth it, trust me. Good day!


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