7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Black Fungus


I get it. It sounds a little like “black magic”. But I can assure you, there is nothing bewitched about that fungus – although when you read what it can do, it may truly seem like magic.

Actually black fungus, or cloud ear fungus, as it is otherwise known, has made its way to Chinese medicine centuries ago. And the name “cloud ear” derives from the fact that it is in a shape, similar to the human ear – only a little more out of focus, hence the name “cloudy“.

If you haven’t tried it by now, grab a few and munch on them while you read. You’ll be a lot healthier – and knowledgeable – by the end of the article. Also you will probably notice that they differ according to whether you are eating them fresh or dry.

If fresh, they may resemble the texture of a bubble gum, and you might find them a bit hard on your teeth, should you eat them dry.

Oh, and by the way – they taste a bit like oysters, don’t they?

Black fungus and its properties

Black fungus and its properties
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1. Fights depression

That’s one of its most interesting uses. Should you stumble upon a Chinese medicine book, it is highly probable you read about it.

According to ancient remedies, black fungus has been used in order to fight and prevent symptoms of fear and isolation, otherwise known as depression.

They are also known to induce happy and positive emotions in the person eating them. Are you feeling happy already? Yes? Great. Now read on.

2. Fights Alzheimer’s

According to this study right here black fungus has the capability to suppress a special enzyme that is the main culprit when it comes to Alzheimer’s.

3. Improves health of the heart

Black fungus contains a special type of polysaccharides that can help decrease high levels of cholesterol. Furthermore, it can act as an inhibitor to platelet clumping and thus decrease the risk of a heart attack or a stroke, as mentioned here. This way it can protect the heart, assuring you it will last longer.

Oh, but wait – there is more to that. Black fungus can also improve blood circulation, because it helps cool the blood off. If you have a bruised spot, you apply a pack of ice to it, right? Well this little fungus does the same thing, only on the inside.

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Black fungus can also improve blood circulation,

Therefore it can not only cure bruises as well, but in ancient China it has been used to help treat hemorrhoids. And if that’s not enough, you should probably know that they contain a lot of iron, thus having a marvelous effect on the blood.

So marvelous, that it is in fact used in some cases to treat patients with anemia – as it helps strengthen the blood.

4. Help you lose weight

These small friends of ours are packed to the brim with pectin – just the way apples are, for example. Only besides that, they contain a lot of dietary fiber – which means consuming them can lead to weight loss, thus helping you fight obesity.

Combine a regular daily intake of black fungus with regular exercise and you’ll have that summer body you’ve been dreaming of in no time!

5. Rid your body of toxins

This is one of its best characteristics. Black fungus is nature’s way of helping you detoxicate yourself. This fungus can help you destroy any toxins located in either your lungs or your digestive system.

It’s quite often in Chinese cuisine that they are served together with food that may be a bit toxic. This is done in order for the mushroom to help cancel the toxicity of the neighbouring food, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal without having to worry about the aftermath of it.

6. Fends viruses off

As stated in Veg for life, black fungus actually contains the so called mineral Germanium, which is a key element to fighting any kinds of viruses that have entered the body.

Furthermore, it is also used in order to energize you, thus is believed to have a powerful effect on your immune system, helping it fight the bacteria off by itself.

7. The dark side of the fungus

No matter how attractive the fungi may seem, there is a darker side to it – meaning it may cause certain side effects.

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First off, it is strongly advisable that you do not consume any black fungus while being pregnant. The reason behind this is not that it puts you in danger – on the contrary, it may have a bad effect on the child in your womb.

But don’t think that it’s okay to eat them after the child has been born – it’s not. Black fungus are a taboo for as long as you’re breastfeeding it.

Also, provided that you have a certain blood disorder that requires prescribed meds, do not consume black fungus. Due to its effect on the blood it may prevent it from clotting – which could turn out pretty bad.

Furthermore, if you have a surgery scheduled, do not eat any black fungus for at least half a month before the surgery takes place. This is done because of the same reasons.


And there you have it. The pros and cons of eating that fungus all laid out for you to see. And even though there are certain side effects that can influence you depending on your condition, it has so many great benefits, that it’s almost a sin not to give it a try. But remember – only if you are completely healthy and are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Good day!


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