How to Be Happy in Life? 25 Simple Ways to Make Your Life Happier


25 small things you can do to be happier in life

The pursuit of happiness is something our generation generally struggles with. We are constantly chasing the next goal, the next promotion, the next material object.

In this chase we often forget that happiness is not situated in external objects but is a state of mind. You don’t need that new car to be happy, here are 25 small things you can do that can help you be happier in your life.

1. Talking to your friends.

One of the biggest issues that we often face in daily life is the issue of loneliness. While we have scores of friends on social media, often we find that there are no real friends with whom we can actually talk. Finding someone who can help you and support you in times of need can help you feel happier.

Human beings are social creatures and seek out meaningful relationship to fulfill their emotional needs. Establishing close social connections can help meet your needs for human interaction and the warmth that comes with it.

2. Walking with the nature.

One of the biggest needs that people forget about is the need to be in close proximity with nature. Nature can help you rejuvenate, improve your general mood and can help you stay healthy and fit, which can enable you to stay happier throughout your life.

3. Listening music.

Music is a great tool that can enable you to wind down at the end of a day and relax your brain. This helps release feel-good hormones. It can be anything- whether it is the classics or a calming, slow melody, which can help you feel good and relax at the end of a stressful day.

4. Positive thinking.

It is important that you actively block out negative thought processes from your brain. Negative thoughts can actually harm your brain and cause an influx of harmful thoughts which can make you depressed. Focus on the positive aspects of any news and try to foster a positive attitude wherever you go.

5. Relaxing bath.

One of the easiest way to get rid of the stress of everyday life is to go for a good relaxing bath at the end of it. You can even use some oils and bath salts with essential oils to reap the added benefits of aromatherapy for stress relief and mood enhancement.

6. Body Massage.

Not only do massages feel incredible, they are associated with a ton of health benefits. They help you relax, which helps in releasing serotonin and oxytocin in the brain. They can help you get rid of a number of issues with different pains in the body and can improve circulation to your extremities.

Whether you go for a massage from your spouse or a masseuse, you can definitely get some amazing relaxation benefits out of massages which can help you relax and improve your happiness and satisfaction in life.

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7. Meditation.

Like most other practices that enable relaxation, and even more effective, is the process of relaxation through meditation. Relaxation can help raise the energy level of your body as well as enhance the levels of energy in your body. It can help clear your mind and help make space for positive thoughts and mental clarity.

8. Retail therapy.

Buying yourself something, even if it is just a sock can help you appreciate yourself better and feel happier in life.

9. Dancing.

Dancing is a great form of workout and can help you be more in touch with your body, shake off your self-doubts and just have a good time.

10. Practicing yoga.

Yoga has a number of scientific benefits and helps release endorphins, stay physically fit and replenish your energy. Doing yoga daily promotes a happier life.

11. Giving back to the less fortunate.

Whenever you are able to help anyone who is less fortunate, you will be filled with a sense of gratitude for everything you have. Helping others can help you feel happier about your situation and fill you with a sense of purpose.

12. Reading a good book.

Reading a good book can help you not only escape the mundane world of our daily lives, it can help you have a better understanding of yourself.

13. Cooking a meal together.

A great way to bond with your partner is to make a meal together. It helps you find a reason to hang out and can help you have fun while doing so.

14. Redecorating your home.

Uncluttering, re-painting and re-decorating your home can help you clear up your mind and enable a fresh start with a clean slate which improves your happiness quotient.

15. Making plans.

Often as adults we forget to dream. We forget that without any aim, we can’t possibly reach it. While not all plans are fulfilled, making them is still important as they enable the scope of success.

16. Picnics and outdoors trips.

Scientifically speaking, being outdoors and near greenery can help you breathe fresher air and rejuvenate your lungs and blood circulation. It can also help you spend quality time with your loved ones.

17. Being near water.

It is extremely important to be near water, whether it is just a bath or being able to swim in pools, lakes or the sea, water can help relax, enjoy and feel happier overall in your life.

18. Physical activity.

Any form of physical activity can help you stay fit and healthy throughout your life. It can help you improve your overall mood and release endorphins that help you reduce stress and improve your mood.

19. Healthy lifestyle.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is extremely important. Negative habits can negatively influence your lifestyle. From harmful habits like smoking, alcoholism and drugs to poor lifestyles like sedentary lifestyles can impact your happiness directly.

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20. Journaling.

Maintaining a diary or a journal can help keep a track of your thoughts which can help you introspect and get a better understanding of yourself, your successes and failures, your triggers and the things that make you happy.

21. Happy memories.

Having a photo album filled with your happiest memories can help the bleaker days look a little brighter and can help make you happy when it seems absolutely impossible.

22. Loving yourself and others.

Loving yourself and giving your love to others, whether it’s a spouse, partner, friend, family or even an animal or a stranger, can help you feel much more fulfilled and happy in life.

23. Staying alone.

While it is important to have time for others and meet up your friends, it is equally important to keep time for yourself and have some alone time. This can help you analyze your emotions and mental state better.

24. Work-life balance.

It is extremely important to create a work-life balance and ensure that you don’t get too exhausted after work. While it is generally hard to achieve, it can help you stay a lot happier in general throughout your life and prevent burnout.

25. Maintain your individuality.

In a world where everyone is trying to fit in, it is extremely important to stand out and embrace yourself for who you are. Accepting yourself as an imperfectly perfect human being can help you achieve a much greater deal of happiness in your life.

Final Thoughts.

By incorporating some behavioral and lifestyle changes, you can see a drastic improvement in your levels of happiness. With these small tips, you can have a better quality of life, and have an actually fulfilling life that enables you to be happy from the inside out.


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