16 Things A Strong Woman Wants In A Relationship


A strong, independent woman is a powerful persona with the world under feet. You don’t really need a book to understand what a woman wants seeks in a relationship. A woman wants her man to be loyal and of course romantic.

Today’s women have the power to get what they want and truly deserve. She doesn’t need a man to hand her the things she wishes to have. All she wants is someone who knows and understands her worth.

If you want to understand what a strong woman wants from you in a relationship, then keep in mind that it has got nothing to do with wealth or riches. She can buy that for herself. Read through to understand what your lady wants in a relationship.

independent woman

1. She likes you for who you are.

A modern girl doesn’t have time to run after some guy with a mischievous grin or drool over a man’s abs. She wants to date a guy who feels real and possesses the values of being a good guy. Whoever you are if she accepted you that means she really likes you. Don’t change that.

2. She wants a relationship that has every kind of closeness.

A relationship should have every form of closeness. It is not only restricted to physical intimacy. You should be able to share your emotional and mental condition with her as well. A man who feels that a woman can’t handle his stress, worries, anxiety, or troubles is wrong. If you really want to be close to her then make sure she has a place in every sector of your life.

3. She likes no room for unnecessary drama.

Not all women are found of the drama. A strong woman knows how to value her individuality and doesn’t have time for unnecessary attention games. Her maturity will never let her stoop so low that she has to beg for your time or affection.

4. She likes to be old school.

Being modern doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to love her or show it to her. Never miss a chance to remind your lady love that she is the one for you. Every woman longs for attention and love. Make her feel how much you value her presence in your life. She deserves your time despite her strong personality.

5. She looks your ability to accept her flaws.

She is strong and powerful not perfect. Being a human, she is bound to make mistakes. But, does she accept her mistakes? If she does then remember, she is a keeper. We can’t have it together every minute of every day. No, I am not trying to justify bad or rude behavior. All that I am saying is if she owns up to her mistakes and truly feels sorry. It is time to let go off your anger.

6. She admire your small gestures and wants you to admire her.

A small gesture can go a long way. By saying how much she means to you or sending an ‘I love you’ message can really make her day. Praise her for the things she does for you on a day to day basis. Taking her for granted is really not a good way to treat your woman. It doesn’t matter if she is a stay at home mom or the CEO of a company. She deserves your admiration for the wonderful things she does.

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7. She takes responsibilities and share of duties.

A strong woman doesn’t shy away from her responsibilities and share of duties in a relationship. She has the power to take responsibility of everything the way they come. Be it any problem minor or major. She will never cower under stress and pressure. With efficiency and calm, she will deal with the matters as it comes.

8. She wants you to treat her as an equal.

Being a woman doesn’t mean you are superior to her in any way. You share the same rights and responsibilities. Things are equal. Neither does she want you to pay for her bills nor does she want to be left out of important decisions because she is a girl.

Never make the mistake to treat her that way. If you really love her then treating her as your equal will never seem like a problem. Her success and achievements will not haunt you. Same way it wouldn’t bother her if you reach the zenith.

9. She can take care of herself.

Yes, she loves you. Yes, she cares about you. But, she doesn’t need you to take care of her financial or overall health. She knows how to balance it all. Her hair, looks, bank balance, and mental strength all fall under this criterion.

10. She respect your own space and life.

Being in love doesn’t mean you have to hang out with the same people. Does it? She will be absolutely cool when you want to watch the game with your buddies every now and then. But, the same rule applies for her. She can go on outings, parties, and anywhere else with her gals. This is going to build your relationship. Being together all the time will drive both of you crazy. It is time each of you do what you want.

11. She knows what she is doing.

A strong woman doesn’t have time for flings or one-night stands. She knows what she is doing when she said yes. There is no game going on. If you both are on the same page only then will she move ahead with the relationship. There is no thinking over or negotiating about all this.

12. She wants you to let your world know.

Introduce her to your friends and family. First of all, this is going to overwhelm her with joy that you made a place for her in your social group. If you treat her as a friend in front of others it will make her feel left out. What is the problem to say things out loud to those who matter? Is it a secret? No. Treat her with respect and she will never want anything else.

She wants maturity in relationship

13. She wants maturity in relationship.

Yes, she is going to be rational and her judgement is going to be based on it. Deal with it. Never expect her to budge because you have some ridiculous idea. She will deal with the matter the way it should have been, and you have to accept it. If you are open to reasoning then have a one to one, mature conversation. Don’t get aggressive for it will not work, not with her.

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14. She wants you to respect her dreams.

Just like she respects your dreams and source of income, you should respect hers too. Never ask her to compromise with her dreams or goals because you are a man. That is something she will never bear. She put in a lot of effort, dedication, hard work to reach the place where she is today. There is no denying on all of that. Never ridicule her or make her feel bad about what she does.

15. She wants transparent and healthy communication.

If you want her to be a part of every aspect of your life, then you need to talk to her. When you stop communicating with her about the things that is going on in your life, no matter how big or small you start to leave her behind. This will make your relationship suffer and finally bring it to an end. The key to a happy relationship is sharing. Make her feel wanted and you will see how things change towards the best.

16. She respect life outside the relationship.

A strong woman doesn’t need to be with you 24/7 for 365 days. Even if you are married to her. A strong woman isn’t intimidated by loneliness in fact she embraces it. If you are going around trying to make her feel jealous, keep in mind it is never going to work. Not with her. Date a strong woman and she will give you the space you want along with the attention you deserve.

Final Thought

A strong woman is like a phoenix, she has risen from her mistakes, failures, and setbacks in life. She knows how things are and what she needs to do to take care of it. If you are lucky enough to love and be with a strong, confidant woman never makes the mistake to hurt her. She will take a moment’s time to walk out. There is nothing a strong woman will stand when it comes in her way of self-respect. Good day.


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