11 Surprising Reasons Why We Feel Tired Always


Do you always feel tired? Do you feel like sleeping in between work? Well, we all do. It is said that we get tired if we don’t rest properly.

But there are other reasons as well that can make us feel tired even on a fast and energetic day. Let us take a look at some of the surprising reasons we feel tired.

Reasons Why We Feel Tired Always

1. You feel tired if you wake up late:

This is one fight we have with our alarm clock every morning. We try to wake up early but miserably fail. We keep snoozing our clock and finally wake up a bit late. However, this can make you feel lazy all day.

If you think that you are not completing your sleep, you better sleep early and wake up early. If you keep sleeping more than that is required, you will feel lazy all-day long.

2. You feel tired when you have negativity around you:

Do you have people who are always nagging all around you? Do you have people who are always complaining, and they don’t give you any kind of peace in life?

This constant nagging can get you at times. It makes you feel physically and mentally drained. So, try to stay away from such toxic people and you will feel more energetic.

3. You feel tired when you are stressed:

Stress is one root cause of multiple physical and mental issues. Stress can lead to sleep disorders and make you feel drained out.

You will find people who are stressed overthink all the time. This in turn reduces their energy of doing anything in life.

4. You feel tired if you avoid having sex with your partner:

People who stay with their partners would relate to this. Everyday after a hectic day long work, we don’t feel like going back and doing anything. Both of us just fall in the bed and pass out.

Sex is so out of it the question. But trust me, if you have sex, you feel more energetic the next day. So, from now on, make it a point to relax with your partner and indulge yourselves into some naughty business before you wake up the next morning.

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5. You feel tired if you have low magnesium content in your body:

It is funny but true that if you have low magnesium content in your body, you will feel tired. Magnesium helps in keeping your body active and working all day.

The solution is to eat food that is rich in magnesium. You can also consume magnesium supplements to increase your energy.

6. You feel tired if you don’t exercise:

The more you sit in one place (that you usually do throughout the day), the more you will feel tired. You should make it a point to do some basic exercises. If you are not getting the time, join some yoga or dance classes.

You can also hit the gym or go for swimming sessions. This will automatically give you the energy for the whole day. It will keep your mind and body fresh.

7. You feel tired if your body doesn’t get enough sunlight:

All our offices these days have centrally air-conditioned buildings. In such a case, we hardly get any heat or sunlight throughout the day. By the time we are out, it is already evening.

Insufficient sunlight can make you gloomy, sad and tired. Make it a point to go out, at least for an hour every day. This will keep you energetic and healthy.

8. You feel tired if you have an unhealthy ambiance at home:

Our house is our escape. There are times when we just want to spend the whole day at home. However, if it is not properly maintained, you will end up feeling tired and lazy. Clean up your house. Make sure you have it tidy and things are kept at their place.

Keep some small plants, paintings and other small decorative stuff around you. This will keep you happy and energetic. You can also try keeping a pet at home. This is sure to make you feel less tired.

9. You feel tired if your diet is not healthy:

Most of us feel tired because of the type of food, we choose for our daily consumption. As they say, excess of anything is bad.

Don’t consume carbs, proteins or fats more than what you need. This will keep you energetic all day. Also, try to eat small meals for multiple times in a day. It will make you less tired.

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10. You feel tired if you have bad habits:

Excess of smoking or drinking can make you tired. Have you ever observed how one cigarette can make you o tired and sleepy? Give up on cigarettes and alcohol. This will make you feel energetic and fresh throughout the day.

11. Last but not the least, You feel tired if you don’t know how to be active:

It is up to you how you want to spend your life. Many at times, it depends on your psychology. It is your call, if you want to sleep on a holiday or go for a jog. You can come back and take a cool shower that can be followed by doing some activity you like.

Design your life in such a what that you don’t have time to feel tired. Don’t make it a habit to complain about how tired you are. Rather, concentrate on shaping your life in a positive way and you will never feel tired.

Final Thoughts.

These are a few reasons that can make you feel tired. So, next time if you feel tired, see if you have any of these traits. If yes, work towards implementing the solutions and you will feel as fresh as a daisy. Good luck.


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