10 Times You Need to Be Quiet In Life


Speech has been our very used tool for almost every situation and there is nothing we can do without having to speak. But do you realize how important it is to be quiet and listen amidst so much of noise than to speak.

The best things in nature can be heard only when there is peace and the best things can be felt only when your body and mind is at peace. Even when we are not talking, our subconscious mind has been doing most of the chit-chatting.

One of the valuable habits to learn in life is to master the art of knowing when to speak and when to keep quiet. All great leaders excel in this task and you must too, at least you can try your bit.

For example, you don’t are in doubt, you shouldn’t speak instead you should give yourself some time, clear the doubt and then have an opinion. You must have noticed how successful people don’t talk much. This is the reason why people who talk sensitive take their very time to adjust and then speak.

Here are 10 Situations where a person should choose to be quiet than speak it out: –

1. When you have this need to be a part of any conversation:

Sometimes we fall behind and miss being a part of a conversation which however is nothing bad if the people in it are too engrossed in each other’s company. Don’t try to indulge in the conversation where you have no part to play or nothing to relate to.

It is better to keep quiet and enjoy your own company giving the other people the much-needed space. When they are done, they will care enough to notice your presence and then gradually talk about things that all of you have in common.

2. When you are being part of an emotional conversation:

If your friend has called you because he or she is feeling low then they aren’t expecting you to prepare for an emotional speech. All they want is to be heard and you better prepare yourself to be an attentive listener.

Not every emotional conversation where a person is explaining their part of how terrible they feel needs to be mended up with speaking something. All you should do is be quiet and give them the opportunity to pour out their hearts to you.

You can do so by nodding when necessary or by making a sincere eye contact, even warm hugs can do wonders.

3. When you are Angry:

One must have read quotes like “When you are angry, stay quiet.” or something like that and it is because it is the best thing to do. Not every situation demands your response no matter how bad or terrible you feel. If you feel that someone is just being rude or mean to you when it is not even your fault, then let that be the end of the conversation and walk out of it quietly.

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There is no need to shout or say mean things to them in return just because you feel vulnerable. It is never a sign of weakness to keep quiet when you have so much to say because sooner or later you are going to regret whatever you spoke.

4. When you are drunk:

Well this one is relatively tough thing to do because when we are drunk we lose our mind and it is our subconscious mind which deals with the brutal honesty. But when you are in a formal gathering and you have enough access to drink, restrict yourself to two drinks and let that be.

Because often when we get drunk, we speak and do things that can later be a cause of embarrassment. For example, you might tell your Boss that you hate him, and you know he is a cheap man. This can cost you your job. So, it is better to keep quiet and walk out of a place when you feel drunk.

5. When you have this urge to speak even before the other person has finished:

We understand how difficult it is to keep quiet especially when you have so much to talk about, but when you are in a meeting or an interview you must allow the other person to finish before you start. Never be impatient with what you have to say or ask, it is better to keep quiet when someone is talking.

This also applies for when you are talking to a friend. Often this kind of restlessness is treated as a negative quality in a person. Also, don’t jump into a conclusion after listening to half of the story. Let your friend or whosoever finish his or her part and then you can say or ask whatever you feel like to.

6. When there is nothing to say:

There is no such compulsion that one has to speak even when there is nothing that they can say. People often try to fill in the void of an awkwardly silent situation and they turn up saying something very silly or stupid.

You don’t have to act sweet because you are obliged to speak on something that makes no sense to you. There is no such obliging thing in existence, it is better to keep quiet in a situation like this than say something wrong.

7. When you have this desire of gossiping:

Gossips are no bad when the topics form a part of a healthy conversation, but it is never a great idea to talk about people behind their back. If you don’t talk to a certain person because you hate them, it is okay, but it is not okay to talk about them with a bunch of people who meet and greet the same person.

First of all, you never know who is going to turn up to them saying what and secondly talking about them is never going to make any difference be it good or bad.

You might discuss something that happened with you or someone did that to you but prefer keeping quiet when someone is passing nasty comments on their wife, boss or girlfriend etc. Never be part of a conversation which brings down the moral values in you.

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8. When you have a goal to achieve:

Announcing about your goals to the world is never going to make them come true or is anyway going to make it easy for you to achieve them. So, whenever you have this feeling of telling others of what you want to do and how, stop it right there.

Keep quiet when it comes to your life goals because studies believe that telling others your goals is going to make achieving it difficult. Also, when you fail to achieve them you give others the chance to judge you and talk about your motives.

9. When you don’t have the proper facts or knowledge:

It is never a nice idea to speak when you have no rough knowledge about the subject or topic you are about to speak on. Many a time people make a fool of themselves by saying things that are totally untrue or irrelevant to the topic.

So, it is a better idea to keep quiet and be a good listener than speak when it is totally not worth it. And, when it is a sensitive or emotional topic, please keep quiet and be attentive.

10. When you have other productive chores to do:

We have this habit of procrastinating and often people are seen ignoring their important chores by talking unnecessarily. What is the need to go and be a part of a conversation where you being a part of it or not being a part of it don’t really matter?

There is nothing bad in randomly making a conversation but when you have productive work to do then you should keep quiet and do the necessary.

To be socially acceptable or to get along with people, you don’t really have to be part of every conversation since that is going to be temporary, but the productive chores is what you are supposed to do to make your life better.

There can be various other reasons why one shouldn’t talk more and listen more often, but the important among them is to listen because then you learn.


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