12 Fantastic Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


The first fancy thing we found out as kids, the first friend we had during exams, the first companion of our college days, and something that was more efficient than an alarm clock, coffee has always been there for us.

It is funny how you can know people by the type of coffee they prefer. Apart from these basic things, coffee is actually beneficial for health. There are a lot of healthy elements coffee gives to our body. Let us take a look at some of them.

Health benefits of having coffee:

Health benefits of drinking coffee

1. It keeps your brain healthy:

caffeine has been proven to keep your brains healthy. As you know, with age, our retention capacity reduces. As a result, many of the aged people have been observed to develop Alzheimer’s disease that makes you forget a lot of things.

Studies prove that caffeine in your body reduces your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. You have a healthier brain and retention capacity. As a result, you tend to have an increased metabolism rate.

2. Coffee gives you a healthy heart:

heart diseases are pretty common these days. Every mid-aged person has a problem of heart ailments. It has been proven, especially in people of Korea, that intake of coffee reduces the chances of having heart diseases.

However, only intake of coffee is not sufficient. You have to have a proper diet for best results. However, make sure you don’t become a coffee addict in the process.

3. Coffee helps fat free liver:

all to the alcohol lovers out there, make sure you love coffee as well. Studies have proven that people who intake coffee have 30% less chances of developing liver cirrhosis compared to people who don’t.

Coffee helps in reduction of fat deposition in liver and keeps your liver healthy. Hence, a cup of coffee after a party night is a great move to make.

Coffee helps fat free liver:

4. Coffee helps in reducing the chances of getting diabetes:

sugar is not always good for your health. Type 2 diabetes is not very good for health. It has been proven that coffee reduces the chances of getting type 2 diabetes.

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However, make sure that you don’t consume too much sugar in your coffee.

5. It acts as an anti-oxidant:

you must have heard that fruits and vegetables are great antioxidants for the body. Let me tell you that coffee also acts as a great anti-oxidant for the body.

It keeps your body healthy and lively.

6. Coffee reduces the chances of skin cancer:

skin cancer is caused by a number of factors in the body. A research done over a span of 20 years prove that regular intake of coffee can reduce the chances of skin cancer.

Hence, all the coffee lover out there, you are safe.

7. Coffee helps you in getting a strong DNA:

coffee helps in developing a strong DNA in people. White blood cells are responsible for our DNA strength.

It has been proven that people with coffee drinking habit have developed strong white blood cells over years. The chance of DNA breakage is very less.

It helps in fiber intake

8. It helps in fiber intake:

coffee has a very significant amount of fiber in it. As we all know, fiber is very important for our body. It helps in proper digestion and keeps our digestive system fit.

Coffee helps in increasing the fiber intake that suffices some amount of it. Especially brewed coffee is very good for health.

9. It reduces stress and anxiety:

in today’s date, stress and anxiety go hand in hand. Excessive work and pressure at work and home makes you a stressed machine.

Have you ever observed that coffee brings some amount of relief to your nerves when you are working till late at night? It calms our nerves and gives us energy to work efficiently.

10. Coffee helps in reducing the chances of Parkinson’s diseases:

for those who are not aware, Parkinson’s disease is an ailment whereby the nervous system of our body is affected. This results in rigidity of muscles, slow and restricted movements of body.

Coffee helps in reducing the chances of getting Parkinson’s disease. It has been observed that regular intake of coffee keeps your nervous system intact. Hence, coffee can be good to your body.

possible benefits of coffee

11. Coffee helps in reducing the chances of getting colorectal cancer:

colorectal cancer starts from colon and then spreads to the intestines. It has been studied and proven that regular consumption of coffee helps in reducing the chances of that.

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12. Coffee helps in reducing the chances of multiple sclerosis:

Sclerosis is a condition whereby you develop ulcers in multiple areas of the body. Studies prove that coffee helps in reducing the chances of getting sclerosis.

Coffee can also be consumed to avoid the re-occurrence of such diseases.


Coffee has always been the center dates. It has been combined with ice creams and toffees to uplift moods and mend relationships for ages. Apart from this, coffee has these vital benefits which makes it inevitable in our lives. Unlike a lot of medicines, coffee is something that is easy to consume and love.

Hence, the next time anyone tells you that caffeine is not good for health, you can just tell them all the above points. Coffee has become an integral part of our lives for a reason. Hence, keep drinking coffee and you will find yourself healthier than a lot of other people who think otherwise. Good day.


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