10 Tried and Tested Home Remedies For Healthy Life


Whether or not you run out of time, trying home remedies for every possible situation is our priority. Not only is it cost effective, but also easy and free from any side effects.

So here, I want to share with you some tried and tested home remedies by which you can save your time as well as money, just like I did!

1. Try baby powder for greasy hair:

Try baby powder for greasy hair:

Sudden plans are full of surprises. Don’t miss the opportunity just because your greasy hair wants you to stay back. When you have no time to wash your hair, try dry shampoos. Stop thinking of market, you have that dry shampoo right in your almirah or in that of the cute little baby of your house.

Baby powder is what we’re talking about. Just sprinkle some baby powder on your greasy scalp and leave it for some time. If not baby powder, you can also use talcum powder as the alternative. Then use a hair dryer to clean excess powder off and you’re good to go.

2. Use natural coconut oil as a deodorant:

If your body is sweaty and you also suffer from perspiration just like I do, I have something really helpful for you. When perspiration exists, neither loads of deodorants nor soothing perfumes can curb the stench of sweaty underarms. But have you ever thought that just a few drops of coconut oil can help you through this? Even I didn’t.

I used coconut oil just for my hair until my elder sister jumped to me with this fact. All you need to do is, dab some extra virgin coconut oil on your underarms and rub it gently until it gets absorbed. All the odor causing bacteria will be killed by the lauric acid in it.

3. Chill wine with frozen grapes:

Chill wine with frozen grapes

Don’t worry if your friends come to your place for a surprise party without your notice. But yes, don’t make the party dull by serving them moderate temperature wine. Instead chill it instantly by using frozen grapes.

Yes, I know you’re thinking of using ice, but ice dilutes the drink as it melts. And you definitely don’t want to ruin the taste of the drink. So, put some frozen grapes in a glass of wine. It not only cools your wine as effectively as ice but also looks beautiful to boot. My friends appreciated me for this hack and I’m sure your friends will also do the same.

4. Try your very own manicures:

I understand your struggle of desiring perfect manicure nails when you’re broke. You must have tried doing your nails at home by yourself and I’m sure you have remained deprived of that smooth and shiny look every time.

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Moreover, manicures don’t last for a long time. But what I do can be something really helpful for you. Mix top coat (dime size amount) and color nail polish (8-10 drops) on a tinfoil. Apply few coats on your nails and let it dry. This will give you a smooth, shiny and long-lasting manicure.

5. DIY waterproof shoes

DIY waterproof shoes

I know you hate that rain when you can’t wear your favorite shoes or sneakers for an outing. But what if I say that your normal shoes can turn out to be waterproof just with the help of beeswax?

Control your excitement! All you have to do is coat your shoes with beeswax. Cover your sneakers or canvas shoes with considerable amount of beeswax and then use a blow dryer to make it work into the shoes.

Once you’re done, you get a complete waterproof pair of shoes. Now ditch that fear of rain and enjoy in the rain with your canvas on.

6. Expand your shoes:

Times are there when you can’t wear your favorite pair of kicks just because they are quite small for you. At such times, try using your freezer for some other reason rather just for freezing ice creams.

Try putting the pair into freezer. Okay, have a laugh 🙂 and then try it out. Fill water in a plastic bag and put it into the shoes. Now leave the shoes into the freezer for overnight. As the water will turn into ice, it will expand and will make your shoes larger.

7. Treat insomnia:

lavender tea can really make you asleep fast.

When you’re done with all your assignments and still your eyes find sleep nowhere, sip a cup of tea. Yes, I know tea is something that helps you stay awake. But lavender tea can really make you asleep fast.

Lavender has always been associated with relaxation and sleep. Thus, ingredient is often used in teas that are meant for enhancing sleep. Yes, a cup of lavender tea can actually make you feel relaxed and you’ll soon find sleep capturing your eyes.

8. Wipe Deodorant Stain:

None of us can step out of our house without using deodorant. It has become an essential part of our daily products. But where it helps us to smell good, it also leaves some stains behind.

You might have noticed white stains at several places on your clothes. That is because of the deodorant. But a super simple hack can help you out. The next time you notice a white deodorant stain on your cloth, just take out a dry cleaner’s hanger and rub the foam cover on it. It will remove the stain and make it look like a newly washed one.

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9. Treat delayed or irregular menstruation:

irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is a very common problem among women these days. A lot many factors like thyroid disorder, hormonal imbalance, eating disorder and weight gains can be responsible for it.

Now you can treat this unwanted stress just by home remedies. Sip ginger tea, twice a day. Eat raw unripe papaya. It is suggested to avoid papayas during pregnancy, but it is effective for treating irregular menstruation.

10. Treat sunburn:

I, being careless enough, forget using sunscreen before I step out of the house. If so is the case with you, you can try some natural remedies of treating sunburn.

Grate a potato and strain the juice out of it. Use a cotton ball to apply it on the affected area. This will cool the skin and treat sunburn. You can also use cornstarch or baking soda for soothing burn. Just add baking soda to water and mix well. Apply it on the skin and you’re done!


You need not always go to parlor and doctor to for daily life healthy treatments. Here, you get 10 tried and tested home remedies that can really help you by saving time and money. Try these out and yes, do keep in touch for more such useful blogs. Good day.


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